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London Games Festival dated for October 24 – 31

The fourth annual London Games Festival has been dated for October 24th, according to organizer ELSPA.“The 2008 London Games Festival was a major success,” stated director general Michael Rowlinson. “With the rise in popularity of videogames in the UK I’m sure this year’s Festival will be a great draw and fun for everyone.“The festival is […]

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  • First round of publishers confirmed for Eurogamer Expo

    The Eurogamer Expo takes place in Leeds and London this October, and the first round of publishers to sign on for the event is full of heavyweights.Bethesda, Capcom, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Konami, Microsoft, Sega and Sony will all be there with playable titles.The four-day event starts off in Leeds on October 27 and 28 and […]

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