Namco Bandai holding Tekken Tag Tournament 2 UK tour

Namco Bandai’s announced plans to showcase Tekken Tag Tournament 2 around the UK at Gamerbase ahead of its mid-September release.

9 years ago

Gamerbase headlines

  • HMV reports sales of £1.95 billion for end of fiscal year

    HMV has reported sales of £1.95 billion for fiscal year ending April 25, with profits up £63 million.Escalating profits were attributed to its Re/Play branding, and Gamerbase concessions in the Trocadero, with more pay-to-play locations planned for the next fiscal cycle.“At the end of the second year of our three-year transformation plan the Group has […]

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  • HMV to open multiplayer gaming centres across UK

    HMV has acquired multiplayer gaming outfit Gamerbase, with plans to expand its in-store gaming concept across the UK.Gamerbase has been running as a concession in HMVs Trocadero store in London’s Piccadilly Circus since late last year.“Where we roll them out, we’ll be looking to locate the Gamerbase centres next to our games departments to bring […]

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