GameBizBlog offering free recruitment ads

Colin Campbell’s newly-launched GameBizBlog is offering free recruitment ads for anyone that needs to place them. Get details here.“Recruitment in the game industry is an expensive and inefficient business,” said Campbell.“We would like to try to offer something new and valuable. Our plan is to create one place where game industry professionals can see every […]

12 years ago

GameBizBlog headlines

  • Binns: Edge Online changes to give "more flexibility in news gathering"

    Edge publishing director James Binns said today that moving control of Edge Online to the UK from San Francisco and installing a new editor and news ed would allow for “effective planning and more flexibility in news gathering”.Former EIC Colin Cambell left the site on Friday, as did staffers Kris Graft and Rob Crossley. Campbell […]

    12 years ago
  • Former Edge Online boss blasts Future over "fiddling with Excel spreadsheets"

    Former Edge Online editor Colin Campbell has posted a withering explanation of his reasons for leaving the site, saying that Future’s “fiddling with Excel spreadsheets is a poor defense against revolution.”Campbell finished a notice period with Future last Friday, having resigned thanks to Future’s decision to bring control of Edge Online from the US to […]

    12 years ago