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  • Xbox Live boss: Cloud gaming won't overtake consoles any time soon

    European Xbox Live boss Jerry Johnson has seen what streaming videogame services like OnLive and Gaikai have to offer, but – despite their potential ability to send his main moneymaker packing – he’s not too worried. “Streaming technology is something that the industry is betting on longer term… right now I don’t believe that technology […]

  • Gaikai works - video proof from Germany

    IGN’s just posted a video of Keza MacDonald playing WoW and Mario Kart through Gaikai. Watch it after the break. It works. No doubt. There it is: working. As MacDonald says in the WoW bit, the lag is “hardly noticeable”. The footage was filmed in Germany; the server’s in Holland. It was confirmed this morning […]

  • Gaikai closed beta to launch in Europe "later this month"

    Dave Perry’s Cloud-based Gaikai system is to get a closed beta in Europe this month. “Over 30,000 people have already signed up to help test and many came from Europe, they were really bummed that they would be left out of our launch plans,” said Perry, speaking in a statement you can find after the […]

  • Perry says extra Gaikai servers will be "ready to go" as needed

    David Perry has said that should servers for Gaikai reach maximum capacity, more will be waiting in the wings just in case. This would help keep costs down, bypass the need to create more servers in a rush, and forgo being swamped with backlog. “We only buy them based on demand. Why does that work? […]

  • Playcast beats OnLive and Gaikai to the punch... kinda

    Playcast Media System is launching a large-scale pilot of its streaming game service today, which pulls audio and visual data from offsite computers in a way similar to OnLive and Gaikai. So, have the two big names been one-upped? Well, not exactly. See, Playcast’s service is only launching in Israel — for now. The service […]

  • Perry: GaiKai isn't for the hardcore, wants new audience

    Dave Perry has said that cloud gaming service GaiKai isn’t not aimed at the hardcore market at all but he’s hoping to bring the wow-factor to the non-gamer. “GaiKai is not built for hardcore gamers – those are the guys that want HD, 60 frames per second, who are happy to sit for an hour […]

  • Video interview - Perry on Gaikai, service for Q1 2010 launch after closed beta

    Cloud gaming service Gaikai is aiming for launch in early 2010 after a closed beta, creator David Perry told VG247 at Develop in Brighton today. “If it all goes to plan we’re looking at the first quarter of 2010, and there’ll be a closed beta before that,” he said. “As of last night we have […]

  • David Perry says that gaming should be more convenient

    David Perry says that gaming should be more convenient for players and the limitless power of cloud computing could help consumers get games easier and eventually lead to less clutter on shelves at home. “Facebook is a really good example of how data ownership is changing,” Perry told attendees at Develop. “People don’t really care […]

  • Gaikai running WoW, Mario Kart, Spore, more in Firefox - first video

    Here we go! Dave Perry’s released a long video of his Cloud gaming app Gaikai in action, showing World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Mario Kart 64, Spore and others playing in a normal Firefox browser with apparently no plug-ins or downloads necessary. Watch it after the break, and stay with it right to the end. […]

  • Gaikai demo pulled from E3

    David Perry’s abandoned plans to showcase Cloud gaming service Gaikai at E3, according to BigDownload. The OnLive competitor has been yanked from the event thanks to patent issues. “Unfortunately David is going to have to postpone all E3 interviews relating to Gaikai – until various patent filings are complete,” said a PR rep in statement. […]

  • Perry announces Gaikai, OnLive rival

    David Perry’s confirmed a name for his Cloud gaming service, which is to be called Gaikai. The Acclaim boss has told GI he believes his take on console-less gaming will win out over OnLive thanks to the fact there’s no need for a browser plug-in the play its games. OnLive requires a 1Mb download to […]

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