GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz “busted” content-spamming Reddit

GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz have all issued apparently official statements after being caught out artificially elevating their content on social bookmarking site Reddit by using multiple accounts.

10 years ago

G4tv headlines

  • E3 demo for God of War III to air on G4TV tonight

    Tonight, G4TV will air the God of War III demo shown at E3 around 6:30pm EST/PST and again at 8:30pm EST/PST on X-Play.Just in case none of you have seen it already.Game Director Stig Asmussen will provide the walk-through and add a bit of commentary.Don’t get G4TV? Then just log into the official website after […]

    12 years ago
  • G4 named official broadcaster of E3 2009, will cover Nintendo conference live

    G4 has been named the official broadcaster of E3 2009.The cable channel will be broadcasting the Nintendo conference live, along with the following schedule: Over 22 hours of live coverage Steve Wiebe live world record Donkey Kong high score attempt Live on-air coverage of five major press conferences, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo G4TV.com to […]

    12 years ago
  • G4's X-Play and Attack of the Show get schedule and staff cut-backs

    G4 gamer show X-Play has been cut from five to three days per week, resulting in half the staff being let go including games editorial manager Abbie Heppe.Kotaku received a statement saying that on March 2, Attack of the Show and X-Play will return to their former schedules, AotS going back to four episodes week, and […]

    12 years ago
  • G4TV posts 15 minutes of Left 4 Dead footage

    G4TV’s posted up 15 minutes of direct-feed footage from the Left 4 Dead demo, giving pretty much ample reason to buy the game later this week.We don’t know a single person that hasn’t been completely blown away by Left 4 Dead, so expect some heavy scoring on Thursday and Friday.Take a look.

    12 years ago