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Steampunk fantasy game Edge of Twilight back in production after three year hiatus

In 2009, Australian based studio Fuzzyeyes were in the midst of creating the ultra impressive and promising looking post apocalypse steampunk themed fantasy game Edge of Twilight, when the company ran into financial difficulty and had to let go of all its local staff. Now, three years later, the publisher is back as Fuzzyeyes Entertainment […]

8 years ago

Fuzzyeyes Studio headlines

  • Edge of Twilight for PS3

    Sorry, we missed this last night. Australia-based Fuzzyeyes Studio said yesterday that steampunk adventure Edge of Twilight was being made for PS3 as well as Xbox 360 and PC.Apparently, “Players will assume the role of an ostracized bounty hunter named Lex who must find his place in a world lorded over by the industrialized Atherns […]

    13 years ago