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  • Fuse infographic details Jacob and his boots

    Fuse’s Jacob Kimble sports a pretty terrific pair of boots, which are well worth the minor stat nerf.

  • Fuse infographic details Izzy

    Yesterday we met Dalton, but now it’s time to get acquainted with Isabelle Sinclair, better known as Izzy, Overstrike 9’s tech-savvy, misanthropic, assault rifle specialist.

  • Fuse offers new screens, introduces Dalton

    Meet Dalton and admire some spectacular scenery in this new collection of Fuse assets.

  • FUSE trailers introduce you to the shooter's cast

    Four new trailers for FUSE, the new shooter from Insomniac, have been released. There’s one for each of the characters who make up the special forces team, Overstrike 9. Below the break, you can become acquainted with: Dalton Brooks, Naya Deveraux, Isabelle Sinclair, and Jacob Kimble, courtesy of GamesMediaHQ. FUSE is slated for a Q2 […]

  • Insomniac doesn't care about realism, says CEO

    Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price would rather make a fun game than worry about authenticity.

  • Insomniac: efficiency is vital going into next-gen

    Fuse developer Insomniac Games created a brand-new engine for its cover-based squad shooter. It’s a move that will help the studio create assets more efficiently and quickly, something that CEO Ted Price has told us will be vital going into next-gen development.

  • Fuse: new screens show the virtue of teamwork

    Fuse has received a new batch of screens from EA and Insomniac Games, showing off the virtue of teamwork, and the comfort that can only come from a gun much bigger than your body.

  • Fuse is finally starting to make sense

    Fuse has a real fight on its hands as a new IP in a sea of franchises. Developer Insomniac talks tells us about its approach while Dave Cook has a blast playing the all-new Echelon mode.

  • EA Q3: Fuse delayed, Medal of Honor "out of rotation"

    EA’s latest financial results show reduced revenue and profit but strong sales figures for its catalog of perennially popular properties.

  • Fuse – Lighting the match to play with fire

    Fuse is Insomniac Games’ take on the recent love affair with co-op action shooters. Creative director Brian Allgeier talks about how Fuse sets itself apart.

  • Fuse trailer teaches you how to count

    “Four expendable outsiders. One alien compound. Zero rules of engagement.” Thank you, Insomniac Games, for this brief maths lesson delivered through the medium of upcoming shooter Fuse.

  • Insomniac reinvents the horde mode with "Echelon"

    Insomniac boss Ted Price talks about Fuse’s new co-op horde style Echelon mode. Going into details of each of the six modes in it he also points out the mode’s shift away from classic defense to a offensive style of play.

  • Fuse boxart chops everyone's heads off

    As magazine covers teased recently, the boxart for Insomniac’s latest effort puts me in mind of holiday snaps taken by my elderly aunts.

  • Insomniac on Fuse: 'people want new IP all the time'

    Insomniac Game’s CEO Ted Price and Fuse dev Brian Allgeier have discussed why releasing a new IP like Fuse so late in the currency cycle makes sense, and have argued that gamers will still want current-gen titles even after PS4 and Xbox 720 have launched. Get their rationale below.

  • Fuse pre-orders net character and weapon skins, team perk

    If you pre-order Insomniac’s latest effort Fuse, you’ll score a couple of neat bonuses. Although most seem to be purely cosmetic – Hyperion Prototype skins for each of your characters and weapons – the last one is a team perk called Quickdraw which speeds up one-handed weapons use. Could be useful, although its the unique […]

  • Fuse screens bring a little colour to sci fi shooting

    Fuse’s transformation to a more realistic art style disappointed those excited for the game formerly known as Overstrike, but despite the switch it’s still looking pretty tasty in these screens.

  • Fuse impressions & interview: chemical inaction

    Fuse – previously called Overstrike – is back with a new name and grittier vibe. VG247’s Dave Cook goes hands-on and interviews Insomniac about its squad shooter.

  • Fuse: Insomniac's Ted Price narrates 18 minute gameplay walkthrough

    Fuse may have changed name from Overstrike, but it’s still a squad based shooter with mad weaponry. Insomniac has released a video in which CEO Ted Price talks about Fuse’s gameplay and group tactics. Check it out below.

  • Dead Island: Riptide is one of five covers for the November issue of Game Informer

    Dead Island: Riptide, Beyond: Two Souls, Fuse, Metro: Last Light, and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch are five games which will grace the cover of the November issue of Game Informer. Hopefully, you will get the one you prefer in the mail. Have a look at the covers below and a glimpse […]

  • Delayed Fuse trailer now released

    The trailer for Insomniac’s shooter Fuse is now out after being excluded from the initial reveal due to legal issues.

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