Furmins’ PS Vita port launches today in Europe, next month in the US

Housemarque, the developers of Super Stardust among other games, released a physics-based puzzle game called Furmins on iOS last year. The game involved you setting up a course which the titular furry creatures would then roll their way through, assuming everything goes according to plan. Well, as you probably ascertained from this post’s title, the […]

7 years ago

Furmins headlines

  • iOS puzzler Furmins is marching onto Vita

    Furmins, the physics-based Lemmings-alike from House Marque games that’s done well on iOS, is coming to PS Vita this October. Taking control of the port is Beatshapers, the developer who did rather a good job with Jetpack Joyride and Canabalt. The aim of the game is to guide a procession of Furmins through deadly levels […]

    7 years ago