FUEL demo live today [Update]

Open world racer FUEL’s getting a demo today, Codies said this morning. The taster’s releasing for PC, PS3 and 360, so no one’s left out. Included is a career event called Ocean Rush, and a challenge thing called Blitz. Press release after the break. Update: It’s up on both Live and PSN now.

Fuel headlines

  • FUEL: Weather is a "key player" in massive racer

    Weather changes in open-world Codemasters racer FUEL aren’t just cosmetic, producer Phil Wright’s assured VG247. They’re a “key player,” apparently. “For must games [weather’s] usually just for effect, but in FUEL we wanted to make a feature of it as well,” said the developer. “Weather is a key player in the fictional backdrop of the […]

  • FUEL is officially the "biggest console game of all time"

    Guinness World Records has recognised Codemasters racer FUEL as having the largest playable environment of any game. The open-world racer packs 5,560 of US terrain. Apparently, this is the approximate area of Trinidad & Tobago, and larger than Hong Kong, Singapore, St Lucia and the Isle of Man put together. Fancy. “We knew FUEL was […]

  • FUEL delayed to June 5

    Codemasters has confirmed to VG247 that the 360 and PS3 versions of open-world racer FUEL have been delayed to June 5, a little slip of a week. The PC version? It’s coming, we’re assured. There’s no solid date on it as yet, but it’s “to follow” in the very near future. We’re talking weeks.

  • FUEL is "arguably the most open-world game there is"

    Codemasters racer FUEL may be the most open game ever created, according to producer Phil Wright. “FUEL is arguably the most open-world game there is,” Wright told VG247. “Apart from the artificial boundaries at the edges of the game world, the only impediments to going where you want are natural, be that water, a sheer […]

  • Fuel gets another multiplayer video, looks racey

    Another multiplayer video has popped up for Codemasters’ open world racer Fuel. It’s posted after the break. Game’s out at the end of the month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Via BigDownload.

  • Codemasters puts out more screens and a video for Fuel

    Some screenshots from Fuel were posted earlier today on CVG. A few look familiar, a few don’t. Check ’em out anyway. There’s also a trailer posted after the break. The Codemasters racer will release at the end of May for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • New Fuel shots released

    On GameInfoWire. There’s not long to wait for the Codemasters racer now – it’s out for PC, 360 and PS3 at the end of May.

  • Video and game shots released for FUEL

    A new video and some game shots for FUEL popped up on various outlets today. Looks like an interesting racer. It’s out next month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Hit the links to have a look.

  • New FUEL vid shows first gameplay, 70-strong vehicle line-up

    A new movie of open-world racer FUEL released today, showing off the Codemasters game’s 70-strong vehicle line-up and the first footage of the title’s UI. Watch it after the break. It’s still looking very cool. There’s a huge variety of wheel-based paraphernalia in there, as well as day and night racing and loads of other […]

  • Fuel weather trailer shows weather, is pretty

    The latest Fuel trailer shows some weather going on in the open-world racer. Hope you like lightning. Hit the link for rain, wind and snow. The sort of stuff that shouldn’t out postmen off. But more XTREME. Does look nice, like. It’s out in May for PC, PS3 and 360.

  • New FUEL trailer shows US landmarks

    Codemasters put out a new FUEL trailer at a US press event yesterday, showing off show of the game’s American landmarks. You get to drive around the Grand Canyon skywalk thing, which is great. The whole concept looks very cool, no doubt. It’s out in May. After the break. Get the latest screens from CVG.

  • First FUEL movie shows spectacular environments, confirms May launch

    After the break. As with every Codemasters racing game, FUEL’s graphics are knockout, and the variety and scope of the environments here looks significant. The title features 5,000 square miles of terrain, apparently. You can believe it after seeing this. It’s out in May – as you can see at the end of the video […]

  • Seven new Fuel screens from Codemasters

    Back in August, Codemasters promised us that new racer Fuel will have “no-boundaries playfield” covering over 5,000 square miles – an impressive claim. Well today Codies has released seven new images so you can judge for yourself if Fuel is looking like living up to its own hype. We certainly like the look of it […]

  • New FUEL shots released

    On Eurogamer.fr. The game’s looking very drivey, what with cars and such. The Asobo Studios-developed title’s promising the largest environment ever created in multi-terrain race gaming. Published by Codemasters for 360, PS3 and PC next year.

  • Codemasters announces FUEL

    Codemasters has announced FUEL, a new racing game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 scheduled for release sometime in 2009. In development at France-based Asobo Studios, FUEL is set in an “alternate present” where the earth has been decimated by the adverse effects of climate change. Petrol prices are sky-high so you must race […]

  • Codemasters to show Fuel at Leipzig?

    According to this GameParty.net story, Codemasters xis to show a GRID engine-based racer called Fuel at Games Convention in Leipzig later this month. No confirmation as yet. We’re checking with Codemasters now.