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  • Bungie to keynote Develop 2008

    Bungie’s Damian Isla is now confirmed as a keynote speaker for Develop 2008, as is Frontier’s David Braben, Naughty Dog’s Richard Lemarchand and Microsoft Game Studios’ Phil Spencer. The event will take place in Brighton on July 29-31, which each of seven conference tracks – Art & Animation, Design, Production, Coding, Business, Audio and World […]

  • LostWinds reviewed

    After the launch of WiiWare in Europe and Australia last Monday, the game at the top of our list was always Frontier-developed platformer LostWinds. We now own it. Here’s our review.

  • Tons of new LostWinds shots

    IGN’s got a bunch of new LostWinds screens. The Frontier adventure released for WiiWare in the US today, and it looking both cute and fine. And sweet. Unheard of. Take a look.

  • First Lost Winds video released

    You can watch a video of Frontier’s Lost Winds after the link. It’s the first footage of the Wiiware game in action, and gives a good look at the double control system and the apparently sedate, puzzle-based setting. The little guy with the hat seen in the movie is called Toku, and he’s on a […]

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