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gamescom: Kinectimals to feature obstacle course, exploration

Finally – FINALLY – we get to play with the infamous Skittles. Microsoft was showing off Kinectimals along with all the other Kinect launch titles at its Play Day in Cologne last week.

Frontier Studios headlines

  • LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias hitting the US on October 19

    Frontier has announced that LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias will be released on WiiWare in the US on October 19. “The original LostWinds was embraced by the US, and the sequel has major new gameplay features and improvements across the board,” said David Braben in the press release. “After the incredible reception in Europe for […]

  • LostWinds: Winter Of The Melodias gets new gameplay trailer

    Watch it on EGTV. There’s a good chunk of play in there, showing wind-driven helicopter things, snowy bits, water puzzles and more. No date for the Frontier WiiWare sequel as yet.

  • Elite turns 25, Braben does Twitter Q&A

    Elite is 25 this month, worryingly, and to celebrate Frontier’s launched a new website and a bunch of promo stuff. Creator David Braben’s going to be taking questions through Twitter for a chat on Wednesday, September 23. Follow this to get involved. You can win t-shirts if you get a response to your question, and […]

  • Square to publish LostWinds in Japan

    Square Enix is to publish Frontier’s LostWinds in Japan, the company’s confirmed. “Square Enix is a very successful, development-led organization with a total commitment to quality,” said Frontier boss David Braben. “Frontier shares those same core ideals and we are very pleased to be doing business together. Square Enix’s strength in Japan will give LostWinds […]

  • Pre-owned market is "defrauding the industry"

    Frontier boss David Braben has stepped up his campaign against secondhand games sales, telling Eurogamer at Game City in Nottingham that retailers are essentially fiddling the trade. “The shops are not giving us a way of distinguishing between pre-owned and new,” he said. “So the shops are essentially defrauding the industry.” Braben added: “We’ve got […]

  • Pre-owned market "damaging" single-player games - Braben

    Secondhand games sales are hurting single-player games, Frontier’s David Braben has told GI. Goddamn those secondhand games. “I think it’s really damaging to the single-player experience,” he said. “Games like BioShock and Assassin’s Creed, where they’re perfectly valid games, but once you’ve played them they go into the pre-owned section.” “The sales don’t reflect the […]

  • Elite 4 was "originally conceived" as two games, one online, one not

    Speaking to VG247, Frontier’s David Braben has revealed that “deep and dark” space game Elite 4 was intended to be not one product, but two. “It was originally conceived as two different projects, where there’d be one online and one not,” Braben told us in Brighton earlier this month. “Two separate games set in the […]

  • Elite 4: "We are looking at console," says Braben

    Frontier’s David Braben has told VG247 that console versions of Elite 4 are being considered. “We are looking at console, yes,” said the developer, speaking in Brighton earlier this month. Braben, however, refused to be drawn on specifics on the next installment in the classic space exploration franchise, calling it “very, very deep and dark” […]

  • No LostWinds for Live and PSN, but Frontier "will be supporting" the services

    Speaking to VG247 at Develop, Frontier’s David Braben confirmed that there are no plans in place to bring WiiWare smash LostWinds to either Live or PSN, but that the UK developer has other plans for downloadable 360 and PS3 content. “Not at the moment, no,” he said when asked if LostWinds would make it to […]

  • Braben: We'd be "stupid" not to look at more LostWinds

    Everyone knows Frontier’s going to do a LostWinds sequel, right? From the sound of it, so does Frontier. “We’d be stupid not to look at the LostWinds world,” studio boss David Braben told VG247. “But we’re not announcing anything yet.” Stupid indeed. Press surrouding the WiiWare adventure was “positive,” to say the least. “I was […]

  • The Outsider: "We'd be mad not to see GTA as competition," says Braben

    Speaking at Develop in Brighton today, Frontier boss David Braben’s given the first solid details on The Outsider, saying the game is an open-world action title based on the story of a framed cop. “Obviously, we’d be mad not to consider GTA as competition because of the open-world nature, but in terms of the story-telling, […]

  • Braben: 95% of UK games uni courses are "waste of time"

    Speaking to the BBC, Frontier boss David Braben has slammed British university games courses, saying the huge majority of them do not prepare students for the rigours of development. “95% of video gaming degrees are simply not fit for purpose. Without some sort of common standard, like Skillset accreditation, these degrees are a waste of […]

  • Braben thrilled at response to WiiWare's LostWinds

    Frontier’s David Braben is unsurprisingly very happy about the response LostWinds has been getting across the board. “‘Pleased’ is an understatement,” he told GI of the reaction from critics and fans. “The reaction has been exceptional – from both reviewers, which is very pleasing, and also the user reviews are extremely high – we’ve also […]

  • LostWinds sequel confirmed

    That was quick. Frontier’s site’s carrying confirmation of a second LostWinds title and is allowing you to sign up for upcoming info on the game. Click here to REGISTER FOR ADVANCE INFORMATION on Frontier’s forthcoming LostWinds sequel containing amazing new gameplay as Toku and Enril’s incredible adventure to save Mistralis continues – Frontier is registered […]

  • First LostWinds review posted

    It’s tiny, but it says what you wanted to hear: Frontier’s LostWinds is worth your money. Of course it is. The WiiWare game launched yesterday alongside the service in the US. The piece’s conclusion: The lack of a map and short length aside, this game is great and should definitely be a part of any […]

  • LostWinds out today in the US

    Just in case you’d forgotten, LostWinds is launching alongside WiiWare in the US today. The Frontier-developed adventure is a definite star in the service’s launch line-up, featuring “Toku, a young boy who is the only one who can help you in your quest to release a curse placed on the stunningly presented, magical land of […]

  • GDC: LostWinds is "WiiWare launch title", says Braben

    Speaking to videogaming247, Frontier head David Braben has confirmed that the company’s just-announced project, LostWinds, will be released alongside Nintendo’s WiiWare download service. “It’s a WiiWare launch title,” he said. “Yes, we do have [an idea of when it’s coming out], but if you want release dates for WiiWare I would talk directly to Nintendo. […]