Dark Souls 2 screens introduce new characters, items and locations

Dark Souls 2 has spewed forth a batch of lovely new screenshots, with loads of interesting new details to puzzle over.

7 years ago

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  • Dark Souls 2 dev team does not "expect" DLC

    Dark Souls 2’s producer currently has no plans to develop DLC for the notoriously difficult RPG sequel.

    7 years ago
  • Dark Souls 2 gets live action teaser for "live action event"

    Dark Souls 2’s latest teaser is a bit more mysterious than usual; it ends with the words “Dark Souls 2: a live action event – 2014”. We have no idea if this is just one of the franchise’s notoriously odd catchphrases or if something very exciting is going down next year, but the teaser is […]

    7 years ago