From The Ashes

Get triple XP in Killzone 3 multiplayer this weekend

Starting today at noon EST and running until noon EST on Monday, June 27, all XP earned in Killzone 3 multiplayer matches will be tripled. It’s to get folks started on the new From the Ashes map pack which was released on the PS Store this week. The triple XP counts on both sides of […]

10 years ago

From The Ashes headlines

  • Killzone 3 map pack launches today, four new videos released

    Sony’s put out four new videos of the From the Ashes Killzone 3 map pack, due to release today for $4.99. The footage looks at new versions of the vintage Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot maps, after the packs brand new levels, Lente Missile Base and Mobile Factory, were shown last week. We’ll drop you […]

    10 years ago
  • Killzone 3 DLC From the Ashes detailed, videoed

    Killzone 3 producer Aryeh Loeb of Guerrilla Games has posted a first look at two new maps included in the game’s upcoming DLC, From the Ashes.

    10 years ago