Angry men create YouTube page dedicated to freezes

Lord. We’re lucky we’re not having any of these problems with GTA IV. Unfortunately, plenty of people are still getting lock-ups with the game, and some have created a YouTube page dedicated to the issue. From the site:this is page is here simply to chronicle the freezing epidemic and let naysayers see that this epidemic […]

13 years ago

Freeze headlines

  • Take-Two issues 12-step remedy to GTA IV freezes

    A vocal minority have been complaining of GTA IV freezes on both PS3 and Xbox 360 since the game launched on Tuesday, and Take-Two’s finally offered some assistance, according to this Gamespot story.You can read the full thing after the link. Apparently Sony’s said it’s experienced an “extremely low volume” of complaints about the issue, […]

    13 years ago
  • Erasing GTA IV game data fixes freeze (maybe)

    A guy on this thread reckons he’s contacted Rockstar about the GTA IV freeze issue and was told that erasing all game data, including saves, was a workaround.I had this same problem so I called Rockstar. The lady on the phone told me to erase the game data (the original install and the game saves) […]

    13 years ago