Frag Dolls

Ubisoft’s professional gaming team Frag Dolls calling it quits

Ubisoft’s female gaming team Frag Dolls is calling it a day after almost 11 years.

6 years ago

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  • Watch Goichi Suda "get down" with Just Dance

    Just because Ubisoft released Just Dance! back in November, doesn’t mean that it’s still not being promoted.There’s a video after the break of Goichi Suda shaking his ‘thang to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” to get the word out.

    11 years ago
  • Frag Dolls UK disbanded

    According to the Frag Dolls blog, Ubi’s all-girl game-group is no longer.“After three amazing years, we have decided it’s time for Frag Dolls UK to take a rest,” a doll confirmed. “It has been a wonderful experience for the three of us, but as time moves on so do we and we all now feel […]

    13 years ago
  • Watch Frag Dolls play Rainbow Six for 24 hours

    The Frag Dolls recently tried to break the Guinness world record for playing an FPS by having a go at a marathon session of Vegas 2 in a big venue. They made a movie of it, which you can watch after the link. It’s cerebral stuff.“I think I’ve developed SARS, or something,” said a Doll. […]

    13 years ago