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  • Forza 3 second disc install takes four minutes - video

    Installing Forza 3’s second disc, essential if you’re going to get the game’s full experience, takes around four minutes: watch the video after the break as proof. The extra DVD contains 1.9Gb of data, such as car packs, tracks and environments. If you don’t have enough space on your 360’s drive, the game asks you […]

  • Spencer: Forza 3 is the "only racing sim that's shipping this generation"

    GT5 goes beyond reality? Microsoft worldwide dev boss Phil Spencer laughs in the face of the fourth dimension. He has Forza 3. And Forza 3 is “the only racing sim that’s shipping this generation,” apparently. Seriously. He said this to Gamasutra: Gama: In this era of PS3 and Xbox 360 games, where third-parties are almost […]

  • Forza 3 reviews go live, all looking rosy

    The first Forza 3 reviews are now live, and it’s all looking pretty safe if you were thinking of investing. Today’s the embargo deadline for reviews of the Turn 10 racer, so we’ll keep adding them as we go along. If you’ve got one you want us to flag up, just stick a link in […]

  • Official Forza 3 car list reveals over 400 different cars

    Holy car exhaust Batman! Turn 10 has released the full list of cars included on both discs of Forza 3. There’s over 400 cars on it – 400 we say. All are fully customizable and tunable from over 50 manufacturers and run the gambit of American muscle cars, European roadsters, purpose-built race cars and high-tech […]

  • Forza getting free 10-pack car DLC at launch

    Microsoft said this morning that Forza 3 will get a “free Game Add-on car and track pack, available exclusively by way of a one-time-use token card included in every new copy” of the game. The Turn 10 racer releases on October 27. Your free cars are: ’65 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA ’64 Aston Martin […]

  • Forza 3 reviews to go live October 8

    Forza 3 reviews are embargod until October 8, Gameswire reports. A UK media source confirmed this bit of news to the site, so come 8:01am BST/3:01am EST, you should start seeing reviews pop up on the net. Wonder if it plays as good as it looks. We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Forza 3 getting some Ferrari loving with some DLC

    Forza 3 players will be getting the Ferrari 458 Italia as DLC not long after the game’s release, according to Turn 10. Proof that the shiny, sexy, roaring beast is headed our way comes in the form of a video showing all things Ferrari over on Kotaku. It’s drool worthy, and past the break. Game’s […]

  • Avatars get Forza 3 clothing alongside demo

    MS just released a range of Forza 3 Avatar clothing to “complete your demo experience,” according to the Nelson. The demo’s now available in all regions.

  • Forza's Ferraris in video - they're pretty

    There’s a video of Forza 3’s “exclusive” Ferrarris after the break, and extremely pretty they look too. We’re still a little unsure as to what “exclusive” means as regards the car manufacture and Microsoft’s upcoming race – see here for background – but we’ll do a little nudging. It’s out on October 23.

  • "Ferrari exclusive to Forza 3," says MS

    A press release headed, “Ferrari exclusive to Forza 3!” just sailed through our newsreaders: get it here. And it says: “Exclusive to Xbox 360! Forza Motorsport 3 will include 29 classic models from the legendary manufacturer, including iconic cars such as the Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 512 TR, Ferrari F40, Ferrari Enzo, and Ferrari 430 […]

  • 250Gb 360 Forza bundle priced at £250 for UK

    Microsoft just announced a 250Gb Forza 3 360 bundle for the UK, priced £250. For the price you get the machine, the game, a headset and two wireless controllers. It’s out on October 23. PR after the break.

  • Forza 3 goes gold, getting demo on September 24

    Microsoft and Turn 10 announced this morning that Forza Motorsport 3 has gone gold and will launch on October 23 and 27, in the UK and US respectively. Something else that will make you happy, is that a demo for the game is set to go live on Xbox Live Marketplace September 24. The demo […]

  • Turn 10's Bill Giese demos Forza 3 at PAX

    Turn 10 sat down with GiantBomb during PAX and talked all things Forza Motorsport 3. Speaking with the site, senior designer Bill Giese gave a demo of the game, which is currently in certification with Microsoft. The video is posted after the break, or though here if you prefer. Game’s out October 23.

  • Australian Forza 3 cars look good, Australian

    Shots of Forza 3’s Australia’s V8 touring car series have popped up on Kotaku, and very pretty they are too. In case you missed it, you should definitely watch yesterday’s video of the Bugatti Veyron being modelled for the racer: it’s something else. Forza 3 releases on October 23 in Europe and October 27 in […]

  • Turn 10 chats about developing something other than a racer

    Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt has chatted a bit about what sorts of games the developer would make should it deviate away from racing. Speaking with Joystiq, Greenawalt states that while the teams likes other games, for the time being, cars are where it’s at for ’em. “You know, we’ve actually looked at quite a few […]

  • Check out the Bugatti Veyron in Forza 3

    Below the break is a video of the 1000-horsepower Bugatti Veyron in action via Forza Motorsport 3, courtesy of Joystiq. In it, game director Dan Greenawalt talks about how Turn 10 wanted the super sexy beast of a car to be featured in the game, and goes into how the various lovely bits of it […]

  • pulls 250Gb 360 Forza 3 bundle listing

    Amazon Germany appears to have pulled a listing for a 250Gb 360 bundle – it used to be here. According to Engadget, the retailer was offering the 250Gb HD, two wireless controllers and Forza Motorsport 3 for €279 euros. Bargain. Forza 3 ships on October 23. We’ll drop MS a line.

  • Forza 3 gets Puma branding

    Forza 3 will be a Puma-branded game, Microsoft said today. The racer, out on October 23, will be Pumarised in-game as well as being subject to a “series of joint marketing initiatives across Europe and North America.” PR after the break.

  • Forza 3 screens: Because you love looking at cars

    Four screens for Forza MotorSport 3 have popped up over on Gameinfowire. Dunno if these are new or not, but the pics show cars. You like cars. We like cars. Therefore, everybody wins. Game’s out in Europe October 23 and in the US on October 27.

  • Drag racing in Forza 3 features American muscle cars

    Turn 10’s Dan Greenwalt has revealed 11 American muscle cars that players will be able to drag race with in Forza MotorSport 3, along with the physics behind the mode. “Obviously for short one-eighth mile races, all-wheel drive cars have such a distinct launch advantage that they’re going to do very well on that track,” […]

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