Football Manager Live

Football Manager Live – play it free (if you’re quick)

Hit this, quick. Sports Interactive’s giving away free 21-day trials for Football Manager Live.There’s just over 2,200 left. It’s free. Free. Do it.

12 years ago

Football Manager Live headlines

  • Sports Interactive: Football Manager Live is "doing well"

    Football Manager Live is doing well and going according to plan, according to Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson.So far, the game has grown to 23 game worlds with 1,000 users each. Jacobson’s pleased as punch.“It’s going alright. The Sega ops team is being very proactive in launching new worlds when existing ones are full,” Jacobson told“So […]

    12 years ago
  • Football Manager Live is too deep to spend money on, says Champ Man dev

    Beautiful Game Studios’ Roy Meredith has said he wouldn’t want to pay money for SI Games’ online footy sim, Football Manager Live.“I have played Football Manager Live and I don’t really get why I’d spend money on it because it’s too deep for me to want,” said Meredith to Videogamer.“I like Football Manager, I like […]

    12 years ago
  • Football Manager Live to release on January 23

    MCV’s reporting that Football Manager Live will launch on January 23, at a cost of £30.The retail game comes complete with a whopping four months’ free play.“Football Manager Live is a very different game to Football Manager – imagine a cross between Football Manager, fantasy league, eBay and social networking and you’ll be just about […]

    12 years ago
  • SI "pretty close to finishing" Football Manager Live

    Speaking to Evo Gamer, Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson has confirmed that Football Manager Live is almost complete. Ish.“We’re pretty close to finishing the first iteration now, as in the code that will be released,” he said. “The game will likely never be ‘finished’ because, like FM, there are loads of ideas for features, and we […]

    13 years ago
  • Win keys for Football Manager Live beta

    Here. There are 3,000 to be grabbed, so if you fancy trying your hand at playing a football management simulation on the internet, there’s no better place to be. In all seriousness, we hate football, but SI’s games do stupidly well for a reason. Knock yourself out.

    13 years ago