Football Manager 2009

IGN Football Manager 09 review criticism best left to the terraces, say Jacobson

Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson has declined to remark on a 2/10 IGN US review for Football Manager 2009, saying criticism of the piece is best left to user comments. “I’m not a reviewer and therefore don’t think it’s my place to critique critique’s, nor am I likely to be anything but biased,” he said. […]

Football Manager 2009 headlines

  • Football Manager authentication issues fixed

    Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson just sent word that all issues with Football Manager 2009 authentication have now been resolved. So go win a cup, or something.

  • Everton FC signs SI Games' FM database

    Everton FC has effectively signed the database behind SI Games’ Football Manager 2009, giving manager David Moyes access to details on over 370,000 players and staff. “The game’s database is a valuable resource with the most extensive scouting network in football so Everton FC is making a top signing,” said game creator Paul Collyer. “I […]

  • Sega apologises for FM09 activation issues

    Sega has apologised for activation problems with the just-released Football Manager 2009, blaming hiccups on “a combination of issues relating to the printing of keycodes and the huge demand for the game.” “A solution is in place and is starting to clear the problem, we are confident that the issue will be solved today,” said […]

  • FM2009 gold, system specs released

    Sega’s announced that Football Manager 2009 is gold. The publisher also released minimum specs this afternoon. Get them after the break. The game’s getting a demo on November 2.

  • Football Manager 2009 videos watched by 165,000 on YouTube

    The Football Manager 2009 YouTube reveal appears to have worked. According to Sega this afternoon, more than 165,000 people have watched two videos about the new features in the latest version of the soccer management sim since they were released on Wednesday. “It’s great to finally be able to announce the new features for the […]

  • No console FM 2009 because 08 interface "was crap"

    Speaking to, Sports Interactive front man Miles Jacobson has confirmed there won’t be any console editions of Football Manager 2009 because the Xbox 360 version of FM08 had a “crap” interface. “We thought we’d improved a lot last year. It was still too hard to use. So we decided to have at least a […]

  • 15 new FM2009 screenshots released

    SI Games has posted 15 new Football Manager screenshots. You probably watched the the video this morning but we thought we’d show you these too. Problem? Thought not. Now go look. By Mike Bowden

  • FM09 to release on November 14

    According to this story, Sega announced last night that PC, MAC and PSP versions of Football Manager 2009 will release on November 14. You can watch a 10-minute video about the game’s features here.