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FlatOut PSP demo for February 22

The demo for FlatOut Head On, the PSP version of Empire’s smash-racer, will release for the handheld on February 22.The taster will include Carnage Race and Deathmatch Derby modes, as well as one of the Ragdoll stunts. You won’t be able to save your progress or unlock any of the other features.The full game releases […]

13 years ago

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  • FlatOut PSP demo this month, says Empire

    According to this, Empire’s going to release a demo of FlatOut: Head On, the PSP version of the crash-racer, later this month. The taster will consist of three levels from Carnage mode: one Race, one Destruction Derby and one Ragdoll Stunt.The game itself is out on March 14, complete with 40 cars and wireless play.

    13 years ago

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