First-half Uk Sales

ELSPA PR blunder mis-lists UK half-year sales

Remember those half-year UK sales figures ELSPA and Chart-track released this morning? They were wrong.The agency that sent out the data’s just apologised: it was for single formats, not all formats.Could happen to anyone. Here’s the real top ten in Britain for the first six months of calendar 2009: Wii Fit FIFA 09 COD: WAW […]

12 years ago

First-half Uk Sales headlines

  • Nintendo heads first-half '09 UK sales

    Nintendo’s taken the top four places in terms of first-half sales in the UK this year.Overall sales are down 5.7 percent however, with 29.7 million units sold compared to 31.5 million units for the same period in 2008.Top ten below. Get millions more words on GI. Wii Fit Wii Play Mario Kart Wii Professor Layton […]

    12 years ago