Firmware 2.4

Part 1 of PS3 Firmware 2.40 walkthrough video shows new XMB features

Sony’s released the promised walkthrough video of PS3 Firmware 2.40. Watch it after the break.The movie shows PSN boss Eric Lempel talk through how in-game XMB will work after the update.This is only the first part of the tutorial, with a second to follow shortly, says The Playstation Blog.There’s no release date for 2.40 yet, […]

13 years ago

Firmware 2.4 headlines

  • Playstation 3 firmware 2.4 video coming tomorrow

    Social media manager for SCEA, Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that at around midnight Pacific time – 8 a.m. BST – the Playstation Blog will be showing a video of the new PS3 XMB features in action.“Planning 2 videos, 5 or so mins each. One for XMB features and one for Trophies,” replied Rubenstein to this […]

    13 years ago
  • PSN downtime has nothing to do with Firmware 2.4, says Sony

    SCEE’s said on the European PlayStation boards that today’s PSN downtime has got precisely nothing to do with the upcoming Firmware 2.4 update.“The PlayStation Network will be offline for 5 hours today from 3pm BST (4pm CEST) for maintenance work,” said an admin. “It’s pretty much all behind-the-scenes work and is, most definitely, not the […]

    13 years ago
  • Songs from your HDD on your MGS4 iPod after FW 2.4?

    According to this thread, the MGS4 in-game podcast says that you can play music stored on your HDD on your iPod – although this isn’t currently possible in the game.Perhaps after Firmware 2.4 is released this feature will become enabled, otherwise it appears someone way have got their wires crossed.The Firmware update is rumoured […]

    13 years ago