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  • Firefall beta trailer is full of air supremacy

    Firefall developer Red 5 Studios is taking open beta registrations now, and has released a new trailer for its MMO shooter. The clip shows many humans using their rocket boots to swoop and twirl in the air, as they slaughter savage beasts with massive firearms. It’s all a bit poetic.

  • Firefall adds Twitch broadcast, chat integration

    The Firefall community has purchased enough Founder’s Packs to unlock Red 5 Studios’ final stretch goal – the addition of integrated Twitch.TV to the free-to-play shooter. As well as quick and easy broadcasting, the in-client tools allow for chatting with viewers; all part of Firefall’s eSports push. Now that the Founding Members program is complete, […]

  • Firefall milestones published, many changes to come

    Red 5 Studios has released a list of its development plans and initiatives for Firefall. The developer has a number of priorities for the shooter MMO, ranging from improved matchmaking to better new user experiences to making the Chosen more fun. A free-to-play affair, Firefall is currently in closed beta but hosts regular open tests. […]

  • Firefall to separate PvE and PvP Battleframes

    Firefall is changing the way equipment works so that it can provide a “balanced and entertaining” experience for both PvE and PvP.

  • Firefall to hold public beta this weekend

    Firefall will open its doors to all comers on Friday, hosting a number of special events.

  • Firefall Europen servers added for this weekend's beta event

    European servers have been added to Firefall in anticipation of this weekend’s beta test. Last week, Red 5 Studios performed a dark launch for the servers, and found them to be stable enough to put live this weekend as part a stress test. While there will still be a few “kinks,” the firm said the […]

  • Firefall beta weekends dated, sign ups now open

    Firefall developer Red 5 has opened up beta registrations for its MMOFPS, as well as dating its beta weekends. Find out when you can get involved below.

  • Firefall progression system overhauled to allow specialisation

    Red 5 recently rejigged Firefall’s progression system, switching up a previously linear system to something a little more flexible. The new skill trees allow players to specialise and diversify, which should mean players at every tier can create something pretty powerful with any battleframe at their command. Lead class designer Daniel Williams goes into some […]

  • Firefall founder's packages and PAX plans announced by Red 5 Studios

    Firefall will be at PAX Prime this weekend, and if that wasn’t enough of an announcement from Red 5 Studios, the playable version at the event will include the in-game store and its largest update ever, the Tribe. On top of that, a new limited edition Founders Packages will go on sale this Friday, August […]

  • Firefall ditches traditional MMO levelling as it was too slow

    Firefall developer Red 5 Studios has scrapped its traditional levelling format of hitting numbered ranks in favour of a tier-based progression system. The reasoning is that while beta players sped through early levels, but the later ones turned the game into a grind.

  • Firefall summer crunch led to Red 5 hiring former BioWare and 38 Studio employees

    Staff for Red 5 Studios’ PC shooter Firefall has been beefed up with employees gained from layoffs at 38 Studios and BioWare Austin.

  • Firefall eSports toolkit adds broadcasting, spectator options

    Red 5 has added a bevy of spectator and broadcaster options to Firefall in a bid to capture a slice of the eSports market – and to help it grow.

  • Firefall gets massive patch, Biotech class added

    Red 5 Studios has provided the details for Firefall’s “biggest patch ever,” which can be played by the free-to-play first-person shooter’s beta participants right this second.

  • Firefall Beta Tournament being held at gamescom, grand prize is €10,000

    Red 5 Studios has announced a Firefall Beta Tournament will take place at gamescom, where €10,000 will be handed out to the grand prize winner. The tournament is co-sponsored by the Electronic Sports League, and attendees can register and participate in a qualifying rounds on August 16 -17 at the ESL Arena. On Saturday, August […]

  • 'Sony and Microsoft aren't embracing change' - Firefall dev

    OUYA backer and developer of Firefall Red5 studios has called out Sony and Microsoft’s lack of willingness to embrace new ideas and change in the industry. The studio also thinks you are paying too much for new games.

  • Firefall patch preview takes in Engineer tweaks

    Red 5 is prepping a major patch for Firefall, with big changes coming to the free-to-play shooter. We’ve already had a peek at what’s going on with the Assault class; now check out what’s in store for the Engineer.

  • Assault changes coming to Firefall later this summer

    Red-5 Studios have released a developer update video where the combat designers discuss upcoming changes to the Assault battle-frame in Firefall, coming later this summer. The firm is calling it the “biggest patch in Firefall history.” Last month it was revealed the F2P sci-fi shooter had over 500,000 registers users participating in the beta, which […]

  • Firefall beta saw 500,000 registered users, system requirements released

    Red 5 Studios has announced the system requirements for its MMO shooter Firefall, now that 500,000 people have registered for the game’s first beta testing.

  • Firefall dev diary talks sweeping gameplay changes, removal of levels

    Red5 Studios has released a brand new developer diary for Firefall, talking up the massive gameplay changes being brought into the F2P third-person shooter, including the removal of levels from the game and how some of the game’s hardcore community members gave feedback. Video’s after the break.

  • Red 5 boss calls console model "broken", "dead"

    Mark Kern, the former World of Warcraft designer now heading up Firefall developer Red 5, is ready to suit up and attend a funeral for consoles.

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