Financial Results

Sony “not planning a major loss” with PS4 launch

PlayStation 3 launch was a monetary blood-bath for Sony, with the launch of the high definition machine very costly indeed. As part of today’s earnings call to investors, the company has committed to keeping costs down for PS4 launch.

8 years ago

Financial Results headlines

  • Sony forecast only 5 million Vita and PSP unit sales in FY14

    While Sony’s fiscal year 2013 results paint a positive picture of the PlayStation 3 holding out and performing well as the company waits for the next generation, their handheld division is having less luck.

    8 years ago
  • Sony FY13: PS3 sales down, Vita flat, gaming division down

    Sony’s Fiscal Year 2013 results are out, painting a picture of a company that is happily coasting with decreased profitability as it looks towards the start of the next generation.

    8 years ago
  • Konami rides strong sales of Peace Walker, PES 2010 to Q1 profit jump

    Step 1: A handheld Metal Gear game that doesn’t somehow involve card games or evil puppets. Step 2: Anything even tangentially related to football during World Cup season. Step 3: A creepy Japanese girlfriend simulator. Step 4: Question marks – many of them related to Japan’s societal well-being.Step 5: Profit.

    10 years ago