Final Fantasy X HD

Limited Edition Final Fantasy Vita 2000 to launch in Japan alongside FFX and X-2 HD

Kind of blurry photo after the jump, no other details yet released.

7 years ago

Final Fantasy X HD headlines

  • Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Limited Edition spotted in GameStop ad

    Although Square Enix has made no mention of such a thing, GameStop is reportedly advertising a limited edition for Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD. According to the retailer’s latest flyer, you’ll score a free upgrade to the limited edition with all pre-orders for the Vita RPG bundle. Requests for more information have so far […]

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy X HD's struggles & Lightning Returns: FF13's 'world driven' play discussed by Square-Enix

    Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD is a neat release if you’re a fan of the original games, but it hasn’t been an entirely smooth project for Square-Enix, while Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13’s ‘world driven’ play has proven to be a coding challenge on the company’s Crystal Tools engine. The heads of both projects […]

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD success could pave way for more remasters

    Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD director Yoshinori Kitase has said that if the PS3 and PS Vita remasters prove successful, they could pave the way for more classic games being updated in a similar fashion.

    8 years ago
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is 70% complete - report

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is currently 70% complete, according to a report from Japanese magazine Famitsu.

    8 years ago
  • New screenshots show off Final Fantasy X-2's HD upgrade

    Square Enix has released a selection of screenshots of the Final Fantasy X-2 part of the Final Fantasy X HD releases, showing how the game has been improved and upgraded for the PS3 and Vita release.

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy X HD gets lovely first-look screens

    Final Fantasy X HD was featured as part of Sony’s PS Vita web-stream this morning, showing off Square’s touched-up visuals. AGB has published some stills online for those of you who missed the broadcast.

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy X HD - Square promises news "soon"

    Those looking forward to Final Fantasy X HD should hold tight: Square Enix Europe said you will get “get answers soon” regarding the PS3 and Vita update. FFX HD was announced during TGS 2011, and not much has been said regarding the title since. However, Square “promised” something more will be revealed soon. Keep hope […]

    8 years ago