Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Final Fantasy XIII to use Active Time Battle system

Joystiq reckons that the battle system in Final Fantasy XIII is similar to the Active Time Battle used in other iterations of the franchise.Apparently, this means that you have a certain amount of time to make your move, and the various attacks you perform filter off certain chunks of it. The more powerful the attack, […]

12 years ago

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children headlines

  • Square announces 160Gb PS3 FFVII: Advent Children Complete console

    As you can see below, Sqaure Enix set to release a 160GB PS3 with a Cloud wolf logo on it and copy of Advent Children Complete ¥49,980 (€420) along with the FFXIII demo on April 16 in Japan.This is the third special edition PS3 to be announced for Japan in three weeks. Last week a […]

    12 years ago