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  • Don't read too much into Versus XIII 360 comment, says Wada

    Calm down, calm down. Everyone return to normal now. Let there be peace again.

  • Wada: Square "looking into" FF Versus XIII for 360

    Holy shit, Batman! Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has come out and said that an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being looked into.

  • DQX, FF Versus XIII most wanted games in Japan, says Famitsu

    Despite not knowing a single peep out of it since its reveal back in December 2008, other than it’s on Wii, Dragon Quest X is Japan’s most wanted game, according to Famitsu.

  • Nomura: "Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on FF Versus XIII"

    Kingdom Hearts III is coming sometime, according to creator Tetsuya Nomura. But when? It so happens to depend on what happens with Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

  • Nomura: Versus XIII will have world map, airships

    Linearity? Like Final Fantasy XIII? Tetsuya Nomura spits at you! Apooey! The Final Fantasy Versus XIII director has revealed the game will have a world map and airships to travel with.

  • Versus XIII, Agito XIII pushing for story-driven gameplay, says Toriyama

    Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama has said Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be aiming for story-driven gameplay.

  • Kitase hints at more games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series

    Yoshinori Kitase has hinted there could be more on the way from Square Enix as far as the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga goes.

  • Nomura: FF Versus XIII may not be shown at E3 due to changes

    Be afraid, kiddlewinks. Be very, very afraid. Final Fantasy Versus XIII might not be shown at E3 in June due to changes in the game’s development, director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed in this week’s Famitsu.

  • SCEA: More news on FF Versus XIII this month [Update]

    Update: Sorry, kids. No Versus XIII news this month. Rubenstein mixed his wires with FFXIII, and clarified the situation. “Ah, Versus? SquEnix ain’t gonna talk about that with FFXIII coming up so soon, I know that much. When they’re ready to start talking Versus (and I don’t know when that is), I expect you’ll be […]

  • New FF Versus XIII trailer tells us: "Revelation will come next time"

    A new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer was shown at Jump Fiesta while we were off. Sorry we didn’t tell you: apparently, “Revelation will come next time.”

  • Nomura: Versus XIII will be at E3 "if we're quick enough"

    Speaking in this week’s Famitsu, Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has said that the earliest we’re going to see his game is at E3 next June. “We’ll gradually unveil it starting next year, at E3 if we’re quick enough,” said Nomura. He also talked about the development video shown at the Tokyo Game […]

  • Nomura: Tests on Versus XIII gameplay ongoing since March

    Speaking in an interview with Famitsu, Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that gameplay tests have been carried out on the game since March this year. The news comes as footage from one of the tests was shown at a secret theatre for anyone who played Final Fantasy XIII or Kingdom Hearts: […]

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII gets new screens

    Square’s released some TGS-flavoured Final Fantasy Versus XIII shots today, no doubt giving the PS3 faithful an extra line of hope. Get them from IGN. The RPG looks spectacular, as you’d expect. Definitely more subdued than its Lightning-based counterpart. No date.

  • Nomura: Final Fantasy Versus XIII won't be at TGS

    We’re gutted now. Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed in the latest issue of Famitsu that the game won’t show up at TGS – taking place between September 24-27 – in any form. No new trailers, no new screens, no new art. Nothing. But why? Square Enix has decided to showcase 2009’s […]

  • Kitase: FF Versus XIII's development moving "comparatively faster" than FFXIII's

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s title always — to us, anyway — implied some sort of sibling rivalry with FFXIII, but we never expected Versus XIII to overtake its numeral-centric older brother. However, even though FFXIII’s definitely coming out first, Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase says that FF Versus XIII’s development is moving at a “comparatively faster […]

  • Sony launches Xi in Home, "the world’s first console-based Alternate Reality Game"

    Sony’s announced something called Xi, a project it’s terming “the world’s first console-based Alternate Reality Game”. “The adventure takes place in a series of secret areas in Home – and beyond – changing day by day, week by week, in real time,” the company said in a post on the PS Blog. “Anyone with a […]

  • Final Fantasy XIII and Versus - DVD trailers webalized

    PS3F’s carrying trailers of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, apparently ripped from the recently released “Re: Final Fantasy XIII” DVD. Whatever your view on the series, there’s no denying the CG in this footage is nothing short of stunning. Watch and see.

  • TGS: New FF Versus XIII trailer detailed

    Joystiq’s posted some lengthy impressions of a new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer being shown at TGS. Snip: We see the prince character wearing a casual, all black suit. This is rendered with the in-game engine, and the graphics look as smooth and appealing as the main FFXIII title. He climbs marble stairs up to […]

  • New hi-res FFXIII and FF Versus XIII shots posted

    IGN’s put up hi-res versions of the Famitsu Final Fantasy screens released at the weekend, both for FFXIII and FF Versus XIII. We wish this was coming out a bit sooner. But it isn’t. So we should just grip up. Take a look.

  • Famitsu releases new direct-feed FFXIII, Agito and Versus shots

    Famitsu’s put out some new screens of FFXIII, FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII, and you can see them all on Forever Fantasy. What’s to say? The chances of this being “bad” are lower than a legless ant-limbo convention. Shame it’s not out for another 15 years. Just kidding.

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