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Final Fantasy 4 now available for Android through Google Play Store

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 4 is now available for Android on the Google Play Store, and it’s based on the full 3D remake from 2008. The game is compatible with Android 2.3 and after and will run y ou £10.99/€14.49. Shots are below.

Final Fantasy Iv headlines

  • Final Fantasy IV remake out for Android

    Square-Enix has today released the latest 3D remake port of Final Fantasy IV for Android.

  • Final Fantasy 4 releasing on iOS, Android in Japan

    Final Fantasy 4 will release on iOS in Japan later this month on December 20, followed by a release on Andorid in the spring, according to Each version will run consumers ¥1,800, which is around $22 each. Thanks, TechCrunch.

  • Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection's "Interlude" detailed

    The mysterious third component of the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, Interlude, has been revealed as an – uh – interlude between FFIV and FFIV: The After Years.

  • Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection confirmed for western release

    Square Enix has confirmed today that Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection will launch in the west.

  • Square puts Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack up on its store

    Square has posted shots of its store exclusive Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, a PSP compilation of Final Fantasy IV with The After Years sequel.

  • Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection dated, priced for Japan

    Square’s to release the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection in Japan on March 24.

  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel announced in Japan

    Hear that? That’s the starting gun for pre-TGS going off. Square Enix just fired the first shot.

  • Dragon Quest IX gets classics release in Japan

    Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest IX will be getting a budget release in Japan.

  • Final Fantasy IV getting the Virtual Console treatment in Japan

    Final Fantasy IV will land on Japan’s Virtual Console August 4 for 900 Points. Final Fantasy I through III are already available on the Virtual Console in Japan. Still no word on when it will be released elsewhere. Via Joystiq.

  • GDC: Final Fantasy IV, My Life as a King sequels confirmed for WiiWare

    Straight from Nintendo’s GDC keynote, the company just announced that a WiiWare version of Final Fantasy IV’s cell phone-based sequel, The After Years, as well as a sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, are on the way. Get the full liveblog of the speech here.

  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years heading to WII

    Final Fantasy IV is heading to the Wii, according to the ESRB website. Called Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the game appears to be 2D RPG, unlike the 3D version released last summer, and will include an item called ‘Bacchus Wine’ to use when battling enemies. It’s apparently based on Japanese mobile phone title, […]

  • Japanese URL suggests Final Fantasy IV 360 [Update]

    This 1UP piece brings word that if click on this link – – you’ll be taken a legitimate Japanese page – albeit an empty one. However, if you’re thinking it could be some randomly generated placeholder, then feel free to replace the words “final fantasy IV” with whatever you like and see what […]

  • FFIV gets Euro launch on September 5

    Square Enix just confirmed that FFIV will be launch on DS in Europe on September 5. That’s it, pretty much. Press release after the link.

  • Square Enix's E3 line-up includes two new Star Ocean PSP games

    Square’s announced its E3 line-up, and it contains a few surprises. As well as The Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the firm will show Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution, both for PSP. Taito’s Exit DS and The Legend of Kage 2, again for DS, will also […]

  • English FFIV DS shots released

    On Inputgame. The DS version of the fourth instalment in the Square RPG series is in 3D, as you can see. It’s out later this year in the west, but there’s no specific date on it at the moment.

  • Final Fantasy IV DS trailer released

    What better way is there to spend Monday morning than watching a trailer for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy IV on DS? There isn’t one. Check out some superlative voice acting through the link. Game’s out this “summer”. By Mike Bowden

  • FFIV to release in Europe this "summer"

    Ever the one for solid release dates, Square Enix Europe has put out a press release saying Final Fantasy IV will release for DS this summer. The game’s coming out on June 22 in the US. Press release after the link.

  • FFIV formally dated for US

    Square Enix has confirmed that the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV will release in America on June 22, according to various reports. The publisher has said that you can expect to se a European release date on this in the very near future.

  • Euro FFIV, Crisis Core announcements "very soon"

    Square Enix has confirmed that announcements regarding European launch details for both the westernised version of Final Fantasy IV for DS and Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII are imminent. “Regarding both your questions, we should have some announcements being made public very soon,” a rep told videogaming247. FFIV is releasing in the US in […]

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