Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Teaser site for FFCC: The Crystal Bearers goes live

Square Enix launched the official teaser site for Wii’s upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Been dying for that, haven’t you? Not much is up there yet except for the trailer included with FFCC: Echoes of Time, and wallpaper of the game emblem. If there were more, it wouldn’t be called a teaser […]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles headlines

  • Nintendo Media Summit day two live blogged

    Want to read some sketchy notes about a really long WiiWare presentation in America? Course you do. IGN live blogged the second day of Nintendo’s Media Summit just in case you do. There’s stuff in there about Strong Bad, World of Goo and the fact Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Major League Eating were playable […]

  • WiiWare launch videos released

    Nintendo’s posted some movies of its WiiWare launch titles, following earlier news that the download service is on its way to Japan later this month. All the footage can be found here. By Mike Bowden