Final Fantasy 5

Final Fantasy 5 is coming to PC later this month

Final Fantasy 5 will be made available on PC through Steam later this month.

6 years ago

Final Fantasy 5 headlines

  • Final Fantasy 5 available now on Android, Final Fantasy 4: The After Years due this year

    Android users can now get their hands on Final Fantasy 5 for the reasonable sum of £10.99 from the Google Play Store, which is nice. Further, Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, which was originally released on Wii and PSP in 2008, is coming to iOS and Android this winter, sporting a shiny 3D overhaul.

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy 5 smartphone release has new graphics

    The mobile release of Final Fantasy 5 is based on the Game Boy Advance port, but while it stays true to the RPG’s 2D roots, it has illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano in place of some character portraits, and Dimensions-like character sprites. Famitsu App has a couple of screens, which you can check out on Siliconera […]

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy 5 headed to smartphones in Japan

    Final Fantasy 5 will release on smartphones in Japan this month, according to a Japanese report translated by Siliconera. The classic RPG has been ported from the Game Boy Advance version, and will sport improved 2D graphics and touch screen controls. A western release has been announced but not yet dated. FF5 originally released on […]

    8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy 5 for iOS confirmed, more FF mobile games on the way

    Final Fantasy 4 launched on iOS today, and with it came a new launch trailer. Right at the end of the clip, Square-Enix confirms that Final Fantasy 5 is also heading to iOS as well as more Final Fantasy titles, along with the message, “The Final Fantasy mobile revolution begins…” Mysterious stuff. Check out the […]

    8 years ago