FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

FIFA 13 TOTY midfielders available now

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team’s Team of the Year promotion is in full swing, so be sure to grab the second batch of players before the timer ticks down.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team headlines

  • FIFA 13 Ultimate Team back online, cheater perma-bans issued

    FIFA 13’s Ultimate Team was taken offline last night for unexplained maintenance, but now that full service has been resumed, EA Sports has shed light on what it was up to during the downtime.

  • FIFA 13: Ultimate Team offline

    FIFA 13’s Ultimate Tema mode is offline, although other online game modes remain active. According to a post on the EA forums, the mode has been “temporarily disabled” to resolve a mysterious issue, in order to “ensure that an optimal experience can be sustained in the future”. Ultimate Team is a card trading game mode […]

  • FIFA 13 Ultimate Team back online following auction & trade fixes

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team was taken down on console and smartphone formats due to issues discovered with the mode’s trade pile and auction house features. The issues have been resolved and the mode is back on all formats. Get the details below.

  • FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: EA issues security advice to players

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team has been besieged with hacking and security issues, but publisher EA is determined to stamp out any foul play. It has just released a new set of security guidelines geared towards keeping your account safe. Check them out below.

  • FIFA 13 Ultimate Team exploit: EA issues perma-bans, service back online

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team’s web app went offline today following a wave of exploit claims from angry fans. The service is back online and offended players have been spanked with perma-bans, EA has revealed.

  • FIFA 13 Ultimate Team exploit causes fan backlash, economy upset

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is experiencing exploit issues that sees players gaining access to top tier players for free and selling them on, potentially setting the game’s economy off-balance. EA’s forums have lit up with angry gamers demanding that EA takes action.