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  • Interview: EA Sports marketing boss talks FIFA 09

    FIFA and PES. PES and FIFA. It’s the ball-shaped war that’ll never, ever end. How does EA plan to win this year? Videogaming247 caught up with EA Sports senior marketing manager, John Dongelmans, and had a chat about FIFA 09 and the threat of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, multi-platform support, and plenty more. FIFA 09 […]

  • OXM gives FIFA 09 9/10, full thing scanned and posted

    OXM UK’s given FIFA 09 9/10. You can read the entire review on LusoFIFA, right here. The game’s out on October 3.

  • FIFA 09 PC vid focuses on graphics, control and connectivity

    EA’s put out a new FIFA 09 PC video talking up the version’s unique features, mainly the new mouse control method and online functions. There’s a good bit of talk about graphics in there as well, which are apparently great if you have a good PC. Radical. After the break. Game’s out on October 3.

  • EA releases monster FIFA 09 ad

    After the break. It’s four minutes long and was shown at half time in the Man Utd-Chelsea match at the weekend. It’s actually awesome, and we hate football more than mass murder and global hunger, so that’s saying something. Rooney, etc.

  • 360 and PS3 FIFA 09 would only run on "1-3% of PCs"

    Posting on the EA forums, a UK staffer for the publisher has claimed that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 09 are “different” to the PC SKU as the huge majority of home computers simply wouldn’t be able to play them. Full thing: The PC version of FIFA 09 is different to the […]

  • FIFA 09 Clubs explained by EA

    EA’s released a Q&A explaining FIFA 09 Clubs, the game’s new online mode. Basically: FIFA 09 Clubs is a mode designed for PLAYSTATION 3 and XBOX 360 that enables gamers to form or join user-controlled ‘clubs’. These clubs are ranked within divisions based on total points. Clubs will be relegated and promoted within divisions based […]

  • "General opinion" says FIFA can't match PES gameplay, says Konami's Murphy

    Football War Day entered a new phase this afternoon, as Konami’s John Murphy laid into FIFA, saying concensus suggests PES is, in a nutshell, better. “It is all very well for EA to say that FIFA is making great strides, but general opinion suggests that they still have a long way to go before they […]

  • FIFA 09 Wii video shows waggling and 8v8 play

    Football War Day continues, with the release of an impressive FIFA 09 Wii trailer from EA. There may be a smidgen of control ideas from PES 08 Wii in there, but who are we to judge? Looks great, and we hate soccer so much it makes us hyperventilate and punch things. See after the break.

  • FIFA 09 demo now on Live

    Nelson’s just confirmed the release of the FIFA 09 demo on Live. The taster was released for PC this morning. Blurb: [ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)] Download the demo for FIFA 09 and play professional football with more responsive first-time shooting, passing, one-touches plus faster and more controlled dribbling and improved trapping. Plus try new Custom […]

  • FIFA 09 PC demo released: get it now

    EA’s released the FIFA 09 PC demo, a teaser weighing in at 786Mb. Get it here. The demo appears to consist of a fair amount of teams across various leagues for quick play, and there’s a look there at the FIFA “desktop” and “widget manager.” All looks pretty enough. Thanks to GameTV for the tip!

  • GC08: FIFA 09 debut trailer released

    After the break. EA has released the debut trailer for FIFA 09. Graphics looks exceptional as you’d expect and gameplay looks top notch. EA announced today that a demo would go live on PSN and Xbox Live on September 11 will the PC demo to follow the day after. The software giant also announced a […]

  • GC08: FIFA 09 demo dates announced

    EA has announced that a demo for FIFA 09 will be available for download from Xbox Live and PSN on September 11 with the PC demo following the next day. Not much more to say apart from keep reading the live blog for more up to the nano-second news. By Mike Bowden

  • GC08: EA announces FIFA 09 add-on Adidas Live Season

    EA has announced a new premium FIFA 09 service called ‘Live Season’ at Games Convention 2008. ‘Live Season’ is in partnership with Adidas. Adidas Live Season an online service that alters player attributes each week based on their real-life performances updating on a weekly basis. Live Season will be subscription service, but a free trial […]

  • FIFA 09 soundtrack includes lots of stuff we've never heard of

    It’s clearly football game announcement day. EA’s press released the soundtrack to FIFA 09, and we’d be lying if we said we’d heard of most of this lot. Tom Jones, fellow countryman and patriot, is in there, but aside from that we’re a bit lost. Age is a terrible thing. The game’s got 42 songs […]

  • New FIFA 09 Wii screenshots posted

    CVG has them, and they’re looking more than decent. There’s Mii-Wayne-Rooney and Mii-Ronaldinho in action and a couple of others showing gameplay. Go look. More Wii FIFA here, if you’re interested. By Mike Bowden

  • 10v10 online play confirmed for FIFA 09

    According to this GamesRadar article, 10v10 play is definitely going to feature in FIFA 09. No goalies, basically. David Rutter, line producer on the PS3 and 360 version said, “We’ve managed to get 10v10 this year online through strength of will and technological nous. [But] we want to make sure the control system for controlling […]

  • First FIFA 09 footage posted

    On Tiscali Games. It’s taken from a French mag, apparently, but it looks as though it’s been shot off a screen. It’s football. No doubting that.

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