FIFA 09 Ultimate Team

This week’s Xbox Live Deal of the Week is FIFA 09: Ultimate Team

This week’s Live Deal of the Week, straight from the Major, goes to FIFA 09 and it’s Ultimate Team add-on.Normally at 800 MS points, you now get to download it for 400 MS points.Queue it up here.Reminder for the Silver members here – Gold members only.Thanks, Pyrix.

11 years ago

FIFA 09 Ultimate Team headlines

  • 1.25 million online games of FIFA 09 played daily

    EA claimed today that an average of 1.25 million online games of FIFA 09 are played every day, and that over 141 million online games have been played in total.The average figure is a 321 percent increase over FIFA 08’s online stats, apparently.“Online is the next great frontier in sports gaming. We are seeing a […]

    12 years ago