Ffvii: Advent Children

Sony PS3 outsells Nintendo Wii for second month in Japan

The PS3 has outsold Wii for the second month in a row in Japan.Back in March, Sony beat out Nintendo for the first time in 16 months, and in April, numbers for the console soared to 108,360 units compared to 67,1176 Wiis. The Xbox 360, by comparison, moved 27,381 units.Sony attributes the strong sales to […]

12 years ago

Ffvii: Advent Children headlines

  • FFXIII story "now complete", says Kitase

    In an interview with 1UP, Final Fantasy XIII co-producer Yoshinori Kitase said that the story to the game is complete, with Japanese voice recording about to begin.“As you mentioned, it definitely helps the localization when you’ve got a finalized story,” he said when asked about how they plan to lessen the gap between Eastern and […]

    13 years ago