Fez Patch

Sony cares about developers, Sony VP says

At GDC this week, Gamesindustry International spoke with SCEA’s vice president of developer and publisher relations Adam Boyes about, well, developer relations. He says Sony is trying to be more empathetic these days. “It’s talking to them directly, it’s listening to them, it’s caring about what they have to say, and then it’s actually taking […]

8 years ago

Fez Patch headlines

  • Fez patch causing "fairly widespread" issues with corrupt save files

    Fez has been patched, but you may wish to hold off on the update until new issues can be fixed. According to a official post on the matter, after applying the patch, an issue can occur where save files are corrupted after installing the patch. Polytron said it was “floored that this wasn’t found in […]

    9 years ago