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Alien: Isolation is coming to Switch on December 5

Alien: Isolation is coming to Nintendo Switch next month.

1 year ago

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  • Alien: Isolation is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year

    Feral Interactive is bringing Alien: Isolation to Nintendo Switch.

    2 years ago
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Linux, Mac ports cancelled

    Batman: Arkham Knight is not coming to Linux and Mac, which is probably good news for both of those platforms.

    5 years ago
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut now available on Mac

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, the enhanced version of the action-RPG, is now available for Mac through Steam, Feral Interactive has announced. Those who already own the Windows PC edition, now own both versions. Like the PC version, the Mac release supports Steam achievements, leaderboards and save game synchronization. Thanks, Blue.

    7 years ago
  • Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition heading to Mac this spring courtesy of Feral Interactive

    Hitman: Absolution – Elite Edition will be released on Mac this spring, publisher Feral Interactive has announced. All previously released DLC will be included in the Elite Edition, including Hitman: Sniper Challenge. More information on the Mac version will be made available closer to the release date.

    7 years ago
  • Rome: Total War - Alexander is now available for Mac users

    Rome: Total War – Alexander is available on Mac for $6.99/£4.99/€5.99. Alexander is also available online for direct download from a variety of digital sites worldwide including the Feral Store and the Mac App Store. The expansion pack for Rome: Total War – Gold Edition challenges players to recreate the military conquests of Alexander the […]

    7 years ago
  • Tomb Raider hits Mac tomorrow, pricing and details inside

    Tomb Raider will finally hit Mac tomorrow, courtesy of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. We’ve got pricing and details here.

    7 years ago
  • Tomb Raider will be released on Mac later this year

    Tomb Raider will be released on Mac later this year courtesy of Feral Interactive. Pricing, system requirements, multiplayer details and a mini-site dedicated to Tomb Raider for Mac will be revealed closer to the release date. A trailer announcing the Mac version is below, and for those of you who played it on consoles and […]

    7 years ago
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown available for Mac, Steam release uncertain

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been released on Mac directly from porting studio Feral Interactive. However, the game can only be bought direct from the developer or via the Mac App Store, as a Steam release still hangs in the balance.

    8 years ago
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown headed to Mac with all DLC

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown will finally become available to OS-X users thanks to port specialist Feral Interactive. The Mac version is called the Elite Edition, and includes the base game and all previously released DLC including the Slingshot pack, the Elite Soldier pack and the Second Wave update. Although no release date has been set, you […]

    8 years ago
  • Lego Lord of the Rings Mac release set

    Lego Lord of the Rings arrives for OS-X on February 21, according to Gamespot. The adorable take on Tolkien hit PC, consoles and handhelds late last year and scored some decent reviews for its effort. The single release spans the whole film trilogy and uses dialogue taken straight from the movies. The Mac version was […]

    8 years ago
  • F1 2012 to release on Mac "later this year"

    F1 2012 will release on Mac later this year, courtesy of Feral Interactive.

    8 years ago
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 releasing for Mac February 16

    Feral Interactive has announced LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 will be released for Mac February 16, and includes drop-in/drop-out co-op with split-screen. It will run you $29.99 in the US, £19.99 in the UK and €24.99 in Europe.

    9 years ago
  • BioShock hitting Mac next month

    A Feral Interactive port of BioShock’s being released for Mac next month, it was announced today.Apple fans will be able to get a proper glimpse of Rapture on October 7.It’ll retail in North America for US $49.95, £34.99 in the UK and €39.95 throughout Europe.PR after the break.

    11 years ago