[UPDATE] Women make up 46.2% of PC gaming, says Nielsen report

According to a new Nielsen report, the largest demographic in PC gaming is women aged 25 and upwards.The group accounted for 46.2 percent of all players and 54.6 percent of all gameplay minutes in December 2008.The most played games on PC are card games from Microsoft, with Solitaire averaging over 17 million players during the […]

12 years ago

Females headlines

  • "Grl Gmr" tournament announced for LGF Fringe

    Do you have a fanny? Would you like to go “head to head” with other females in a British, men-excluding game tournament? You’re in so much luck.A “Grl Gmr Tournament” has been announced for the London Games Festival Fringe allowing women to compete in Wii Tennis, Tekken, Unreal Tournament, Kuri Kuri Mix and Mario Kart […]

    12 years ago
  • Females over 30 back free, ad-based games

    According to this, a survey has shown that 90 percent of a 1,500-strong sample of consumers backed free, ad-supported games, and that 34 percent of those questioned clicked on ads within sample games. The sample was 81 percent female, with the “vast majority” over the age of 30.“We have been evolving our customer sales model […]

    13 years ago