February Npd 2009

House of the Dead: Overkill sold 45k in US last month

According to this Edge report, Sega sold through 45,000 copies of House of the Dead: Overkill in the US last month. The game launched February 10. NPD analyst Anita Frazier said it had placed about 50th in the US chart for February. The new will be encouraging for Sega, especially as Wii-core brother MadWorld appears […]

February Npd 2009 headlines

  • February NPD: Top 20 games by platform

    Wired’s published the top 20 best-selling US games by platform, based on last week’s NPD figures. Basically: Wii Fit, Street Fighter IV, Mario Kart DS, Libery City Stories. Full thing through there. Thanks, Blerk.

  • Microsoft: FFXIII will sell better on 360 than PS3

    Microsoft has said that Final Fantasy XIII will sell better on Xbox 360 than PS3 when it’s finally released outside of Japan. This bit of confidence is based on this week’s NPD data, which also has the console-maker confident that the 360 version of Resident Evil 5 will also outsell its PS3 counterpart. FFXIII is […]

  • Wii Fit trumps Halo 3 sales in less than a year

    Wii Fit will be one year old this May, and has already surpassed Halo 3 in US sales. According to NPD numbers released yesterday, as of February 2009 the Nintendo title has sold 6 million copies in the US alone. Halo 3’s sold 5.9 million since September 2007. With such an influx of balance boards […]

  • February NPD: 2009 "promises to be another record year for the PlayStation brand," says Sony

    Sony’s responded to last nights NPD results via ever-reliable SCEA senior VP of marketing, Peter Dille. “In February, we had a tremendous kickstart to what promises to be another record year for the PlayStation brand with the launch of mega blockbuster hit Killzone 2, which ranked in the top five with only two days of […]

  • February NPD: 360 up 53% year-over-year, attach rate at 8.2, says Microsoft

    Microsoft’s finally done its bragging about last night’s NPD release. According to February’s results, Microsoft has a 53 percent year-over-year spike in Xbox 360 sales with the console selling 391,000 units. The company’s said February’s 53 percent year-on-year sales spike was due to competitive pricing and available software. Rather obviously. Metacritic scores show that 135 […]

  • Patcher: Feb NPD's will cause "limited market reaction"

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher said today that while the February NPD looks good on paper, he expects “limited market reaction” to the figures. While most publishers met or exceeded expectations – THQ not being one of them – Patcher said the figures would not effect stock buying options in a note today. “We expect […]

  • February NPD - Edge in breakneck sales analysis mega-slap-down

    Hot shit. Edge has spat straight into Gamasutra’s face with the speed of its NPD analysis this month. Find its just-published take on last-night’s figures here. Let’s see. The figures were in our inbox at 10.29pm GMT last night, and Edge now has a four-page feature, coloured graphs included, at 8.00am GMT. That probably equates […]

  • February NPD - Wii Play passes 10 million in the US

    Nintendo’s post-NPD press release last night focussed on the fact Wii Play has now shipped more than 10 million units in the US. That’s quite a feat. “Wii Play mini-games are fun and they get people playing together,” said NoA marketing boss Cammie Dunaway. “Even if you believe people are buying Wii Play solely for […]

  • February NPD - The Lost and Damned "would have outsold Killzone 2" at retail

    While we still don’t know exactly how many copies of GTA: The Lost and Damned were downloaded last month, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said last night that the figure was more than that achieved by Killzone 2 at retail – 323,000. The exec told Gamasutra the DLC was “the most successful game add-on content we’ve ever […]

  • February NPD - PS3 business is "hemorrhaging at retail," says Greenberg

    Aaron “Green Machine” Greenberg has claimed that Sony’s PlayStation 3 business is “hemorrhaging at retail,” based on a 2 percent year-on-year drop in hardware sales, announced by NPD last night. “You can’t underestimate that we’re half the price of the PS3 at a time when consumers were looking for great value,” he told Gamasutra. “The […]

  • February NPD - Industry revenue up 10% YoY to $1.47 billion

    Just-released NPD data has shown overall game revenues rose 10 percent in February compared to the same month in 2007, up to $1.47 billion. Hardware sales were up 11 percent to $532.7 million, while software revenue climbed 9 percent to $733.5 million. Accessories were up 13 percent to $207.1 million. “The U.S. video games industry […]

  • February NPD - Street Fighter IV in combined 850,000-unit software smash

    Despite Wii Fit taking the US number one in February’s NPD with 644,000 units sold, Street Fighter IV claimed a split-platform victory with 849,000 units moved over 360 and PS3. Bit of a shock result for Killzone, there. Probably expected a bit more than just over 300,000 units. Here’s the top ten: Wii Fit (Nintendo, […]

  • February NPD - Wii breaks 750,000 units to dominate US hardware sales

    As predicted, Wii came in at around 750,000 units sold in the US last month, according to just-released NPD data. Both 360 and PS3 were over analyst predictions, at almost 400,000 and 300,000 units respectively. Here’s the lot: PlayStation 2 – 131K PlayStation 3 -276K PSP – 199K Xbox 360 – 391K Wii – 753K […]

  • EEDAR's NPD estimates are quite similar to Michael Pachter's

    EEDAR’s released its February NPD estimates, and they’re pretty much the same as Michael Pachter’s, released earlier today. DS – 500,000 Wii – 725,000 PSP – 200,000 PS3 – 200,000 360 – 300,000 Check Edge for the software estimates. The final figures release this Thursday.

  • Wii sold more than 700k consoles in the US last month - Pachter

    Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter’s just released his NPD estimates for February, predicting yet another giant month for Wii. “We estimate sell-through of 725,000 Wii, 300,000 Xbox 360 and 200,000 PS3 consoles (a 26% year-over-year unit increase in consoles),” said the analysts. “Our console sell-through forecasts reflect our belief that supplies for Wii hardware were up […]