Tale of Tales store relaunch includes Mac and Linux updates for a variety of titles

Tale of Tales has relaunched its store, and all games are now sold in single packages including builds for all platforms and a Steam key, the firm has announced.

7 years ago

Fatale headlines

  • Saturday shorts - MLB11: The Show footage, Fable Coin Golf shakycam, more

    Something new. We had a meeting this week and it was suggested there’s a better way of getting up all the little stories quickly. Could be better for everyone. Let’s see if it works.

    10 years ago
  • Fatale releases for $7

    Tale of Tales has released Fatale, as promised. Get it here for $7.If previous effort The Path was anything to go by, you’ll need to be the sort of person that at least believes they’re the sort of person that should be wearing a smoking jacket and propping up a large mantelpiece to enjoy it, […]

    12 years ago
  • Tale of Tales releasing Fatale on October 5

    Tentatively titled Fatale, to be published by Tale of Tales, has been announced for a October 5 release.Because of this, ToT has decided to unveil Salome – the gal who wanted John the Baptist’s head on a plate. The character was designed, modeled and textured for the project by game artist Takayoshi Sato, of Silent […]

    12 years ago