Fatal Inertia EX

Fatal Inertia EX gets July 15 Euro launch

Koei just confirmed that future-racer Fatal Inertia EX will launch on the European PSN on July 15. The game’s already released in the US. Press release after the link.

Fatal Inertia EX headlines

  • Fatal Inertia EX delayed slightly in Europe

    According to this Eurogamer post, Koei’s delayed the release of PSN-only Fatal Inertia EX a touch in Europe. Americans will get the future-racer on June 19, with the Euro version shipping “a little later,” apparently. It’ll cost $20 in the US. No price has been fixed for Europe.

  • Fatal Inertia EX to launch on PSN in May

    According to this MTV piece, Koei will release Fatal Inertia EX as a PSN exclusive in late May. It’s going to cost $30 in the US and will never be sold on disc. “After the launch of the Xbox 360 version, we had a unique situation that allowed us to reflect on what could be […]