Fatal Frame Wii

Fatal Frame coming to Wii in 2011

It’s about damn time.

10 years ago

Fatal Frame Wii headlines

  • "No plans" for Fatal Frame Wii in Europe

    Nintendo has “no plans” to release Fatal Frame Wii in Europe, according to this Spong report.Tecmo confirmed yesterday that Nintendo of America won’t be releasing the horror in the US, so it looks as though the game won’t make it outside Japan.No so good. At least you can look forward to throwing a virtual frisby […]

    12 years ago
  • Nintendo won't publish Fatal Frame Wii in the US

    Nintendo of America has decided not to publish Fatal Frame for Wii in the US. The “core” isn’t happy.“Nintendo holds the publishing rights to Fatal Frame Wii, which was developed by Tecmo LTD. and Grasshopper Manufacture and released in Japan on July 31, 2008,” Tecmo said in a statement to IGN.“Nintendo of America has since […]

    12 years ago