Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator launch trailer has no dubstep, game out now

Farming Simulator has received a launch trailer to go along with its PS3 and Xbox 360 release. It has no dubstep sadly. Watch it here.

7 years ago

Farming Simulator 2013 headlines

  • PS Vita indie push could see Burn the Rope Worlds, Farming Simulator and more released in 2013

    Sony has been rattling the indie klaxon recently, and has pledged a big indie push on PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PS Mobile. Here’s some indie games heading to Vita that you might not be aware of yet.

    8 years ago
  • Farming Simulator 2013 gets deathmatch, of sorts

    Farming Simulator 2013 sounds like a pretty dull concept doesn’t it? Not much to do out there in the fields when there are crops to be harvested, right? Wrong. Someone has published a set of rules for a two-player custom deathmatch that sees two farming vehicles locked in deadly combat. Watch it in action below.

    8 years ago
  • Farming Simulator 2013 announced for consoles, out on PC in October

    Giants and Focus Home Interactive have announced Farming Simulator 2013 is coming to consoles. The game retains what made the 2011 version such a hit, yet the developers have also added new machines, vehicles from 20 top manufacturers, crops, animals, and environments. Larger farm machinery will be unveiled at gamescom next month. The 2013 version […]

    8 years ago