Far Cry 3 Beta

Ubisoft unsure whether Far Cry 3’s delay will affect the beta

Ubisoft has said its hasn’t made any decisions regarding whether the beta for Far Cry 3 will be delayed or not. Speaking with Gamespot, a representative for the firm said: “we are still doing our best to make that determination, but nothing is confirmed yet.” It was announced yesterday the game would delayed to November […]

9 years ago

Far Cry 3 Beta headlines

  • Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta launches this summer on PSN and XBL

    Ubisoft has announced its console-only beta for Far Cry 3 will be held for two weeks over the summer on PS3 and Xbox 360. It will contain six classes, 16-player matches, dozens of weapons, hundreds of various upgrades and customizations, and will take place across several maps and modes. In order to access the beta, […]

    9 years ago