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Far Cry: The Wild Expedition compilation now launching February 21, trailer inside

Far Cry The Wild Expedition compilation publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that the collection will now launch on February 21, rather than the previously-confirmed February 14 launch date.

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  • Far Cry The Wild Expedition dated, includes Far Cry 1-3 and Blood Dragon

    Far Cry The Wild Expedition has been dated and priced by Ubisoft . The compilation celebrates the 10-year Anniversary of the Far Cry franchise, and the North American version will be released as The Far Cry Compilation; however, it does not contain Far Cry 1.

  • Ultimate Far Cry compilation spotted online

    Not had enough of traversing lush jungles and eliminating an island’s entire animal population? If not, it seems Ubisoft have plenty more Far Cry for players to enjoy. An Ultimate Far Cry collection has been spotted online, starting rumours that the trilogy will soon be available as a single retail package.

  • GameStop's Far Cry bundle goes back to full price after selling for £5

    UPDATE: GameStop was selling all three far Cry games for £4.94 this morning. However, the bundle has gone back up to £54.98. Was it a gaffe on the site’s part, or a genuine offer? Decide for yourself below.

  • Ubisoft Essentials for PS3 release next week - full list here

    Ubisoft has sent over an updated release schedule, and while it mainly focuses on the PS3 Essential titles releasing next week, there’s a few date confirmations in there as well.

  • Far Cry 2, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey comes to GOG

    Far Cry 2 and Funcom’s Dreamfall: The Longest Journey are the latest additions to GOG. FC2: Fortune’s Edition is $10 to pick up, while Dreamfall is yours for $15.

  • Out of Africa: Far Cry 3 and the longing for simpler times

    Far Cry 3 will be one of the biggest action games this year, but its push for modernism has left Far Cry 2’s vision looking more astonishing than ever. Patrick Garratt’s heart is still in Africa.

  • Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas double packs hitting in March

    Ubisoft has sent over an updated release schedule of titles slated for 2012, and it looks as though double packs for Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas, Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2 are on the way in March.

  • Far Cry 2 was in development for PSP, Wii, says resume

    According to the resume of ex-Ubisoft Montreal staffer Philippe Baude, Far Cry 2 was in development for Wii and PSP for a short period between late 2006 and early 2007. But as his LinkedIn profile shows, it ended up being canned, leaving PS3, 360 and PC owners to their own devices with the game. And […]

  • Steam summer sale, July 6: Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV and DLC, Prototype, Arkham Asylum

    You would have to be absolutely insane to miss out on the deals Steam’s put up for its summer sale tonight. Left 4 Dead 2’s gone up for £3.74, Far Cry 2 for £2.49, Prototype for £7.49 and Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY for £3.74. Big deal, though, has to be Grand Theft Auto IV and […]

  • Lewie's Weekly Deals: Arkham City, 3DS, Killzone 3

    Want to get some new games to play without breaking your bank balance? Here’s a collection of reasonably price video game hardware and software for you to consider investing your hard earned pennies on. If this lot isn’t enough, you can always find more cheap games over at SavyGamer.co.uk. The games are after the break.

  • Ubi stonewalls GI Far Cry 3 assumption

    Ubisoft’s told VG247 that it will “not comment on rumor or speculation” in relation to Game Informer listing Far Cry 3 as an August 2011 release.

  • Lewie's Weekly Deals - Rock Band 3, Demon's Souls, Far Cry 2, Bayonetta & Vanquish

    It’s Monday, so that means one thing. Here’s the second dose of my weekly selection of discounted video games. Available are low prices on a couple of high profile new releases, some excellent deals on consoles and a lovely special edition for cheap. Remember to visit SavyGamer.co.uk for updates on cheap games throughout the week. […]

  • Splinter Cell, Far Cry 2 designer departs from Ubisoft

    In an industry that’s been rife with departures as of late, Ubisoft Montreal’s loss of precisely one employee may not seem like that big of a deal. But believe us when we say the publisher has some very big shoes to fill.

  • Far Cry 2, Kane and Lynch on GoD

    Microsoft’s put up a couple of big past actioners onto 360’s GoD service.

  • Far Cry games are this weekend's Steam deal

    This weekend’s Steam deal sees both Far Cry games get reduced by 50 percent.

  • Games on Demand: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Far Cry 2

    Bit of bad news for US and UK’ers with today’s Games on Demand offerings, with only one of each available in certain regions. Battlefield 2 is only available in North America and Asia only for $19.99. Far Cry 2 available everywhere but NA for £19.99. Someone, somewhere will be pissed over one or the other, […]

  • Far Cry 2 Map Pack 10 has 20 maps in it for PC

    FarCry Files has a new map pack over on its site with twenty multiple game type maps for Far Cry 2. To makes things easier for you, GamersHell has it available for download through the link. Go shoot something.

  • Far Cry 2 gets Classics and Platinum edition this month

    Ubi’s releasing a Classics and Platinum edition of Far Cry 2 on June 26, the company said today. Play’s listing the new version at £15 for both 360 and PS3. Do yourself a favour. Silly not to at that price.

  • Far Cry 2 gets large title update, corruption risk reduced

    Ubi’s patched Far Cry 2, reducing the risk of corrupted save data and fixing a ton of other stuff in both single-player and online play. A “Hardcore” mode has also been added, giving weapons far greater damage. Go back and play it again. It’s ace. Get the patch notes here.

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