CCP shows FPS in Iceland, admits “console strategy”

CCP’s shown a sample FPS based on kit apparently from the EVE Online universe at the MMO’s fanfest in Iceland, Eurogamer reports. From the piece: Footage was shown of a Halo-like shooter on a daylit, Earth-like planet surface. The architecture and gun designs were clearly redolent of the space MMO’s art style. There was also […]

Fanfest headlines

  • EVE Fanfest tickets go on sale

    CCP’s put tickets for this year’s EVE Online Fanfest on sale, at the bargain price of $75. The fifth Fanfest takes place from November 6-8 at the Laugardalsholl Conference Center in Reykjavik. Go. Iceland’s amazing and it should be windy enough in November to make lead boots necessary.

  • Fifth EVE Fanfest dated

    CCP’s dated the fifth EVE Online Fanfest. The annual meet will take place this year from November 6-8 at Laugardalur in Reykjavik, Iceland. If you get in quick you may be able to get cheap flights with the various Early Bird packages, as detailed here. If you’re into EVE and you’re a player you should […]