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This Witcher 3 fan film features official Geralt cosplay model engaging in swordplay

Here’s something fun and The Witcher 3 related to start your Friday off on the right foot.

Fan Film headlines

  • The stunning Majora's Mask fan film is finally here

    This gorgeously detailed film explores the origin of Majora Mask’s Skull Kid.

  • Bullets fly in fan-film The Division: Outliers

    Some filmmaking fans of Ubisoft’s upcoming The Division have put together a pretty solid short film based on the game.

  • Deus Ex fan film, Human Revolution, gets trailer and release date

    The Deus Ex fan film, titled Human Revolution, has had its release date confirmed with a new trailer.

  • Epic 20-minute Halo fan film made in-game

    If you’ve got twenty minutes to burn and you’re a Halo fan, then you could do a whole lot worse than spending it with this Halo machinima. The voice acting can get a little spotty in place, but for a fan film with presumably zero budget this is a fantastic work. Full video after the […]

  • Fallout: Nuka Break fan film

    It may technically be Wednesday where I’m sitting, but I live in the future so I’m calling it Tight Arse Tuesday. Today’s feature is even thriftier than discount cinema tickets as the wonders of the Internet hand it over entirely free of charge and with nary a family-friendly Ashton Kutcher in sight. What Fallout: Nuka […]

  • Half-life fan film Beyond Black Mesa is go

    If the YouTube counter is anything to go by, you’ve probably already seen Beyond Black Mesa, the Half-life fan film. In which case you probably want to watch it again – or you’re sadly behind the times. Everybody through the jump!