Fallout 3 Broken Steel

Fallout 3: Broken Steel goes live

Nelson’s confirmed that Broken Steel, Fallout 3’s final piece of DLC, is now live.Blurb:You may have dealt the Enclave a serious blow at Project Purity, but their forces are still out there, and still pose a grave threat to the people and security of the Capital Wasteland. In Broken Steel, you’ll continue your current Fallout […]

12 years ago

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  • Fallout 3 images of Broken Steel look dashing

    Bethesda wants you to get excited about the new Fallout 3 DLC pack, Broken Steel, arriving on PC and Xbox 360 May 5.So much so, the developers sent out five new screens giving you a quick peak at what to expect.Looks post-apocalyptic to be sure.Head on over to CVG and see for yourself.

    12 years ago

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