360 Jasper chip to launch in August?

According to this Xbitlabs story, Microsoft has instructed IBM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co that it’s to release Xbox 360’s based on the Jasper chipset in August.Jasper, in a nutshell, consumes less electricity, uses simpler cooling systems and produces less noise than the current Falcon chipset.This is down as rumour at the moment. More detail […]

13 years ago

Falcon headlines

  • Next Xbox 360 motherboards codenamed "Opus and Valhalla", says rumour

    Says so here.“The Opus project is a ‘Falcon’ generation motherboard designed to fit in a Xenon case. You can expect an 90nm GPU but a 65nm CPU. Opus solves a major hardware recycling and inventory problem since Microsoft currently has millions of used Xenon cases from RRODed dead systems and this lets them use most […]

    13 years ago