Failure Rate

360 failure rate is probably higher than 16%, says warrantee firm

According to this, SquareTrade, the company that made headlines earlier this month for claiming that Xbox 360 has a hardware failure rate of around 16 percent, has now made a statement saying the actual figure it likely to be higher.Because of the date range studied, SquareTrade said it was unlikely that any modified 360s – […]

13 years ago

Failure Rate headlines

  • Xbox 360 warranty costs "tripled" in first nine months of 2007

    According to this, Microsoft’s warranty costs for Xbox 360 tripled in the first nine months of last year, hitting $291 million, or 4.5 percent of the company’s overall product revenue.Microsoft last year extended Xbox 360 warrantees, a move that is said to have cost the company an estimated $1 billion.

    13 years ago