Beat-up news article is a beat-up

Once again, the mainstream media is banging on about how Gaming Is A Threat To The Youth Of Today, complete with fabricated quotes and comparisons to zombism.

9 years ago

Facepalm headlines

  • Pay to play with the ladies over on GameCrush

    Are you single, lonely, and a bit socially inept? Are you tired of searching through XBL accounts for that special someone to throw down with in Modern Warfare? Does your soul ache for the online company of someone with double X chromosomes?Well, get out your wallet then, because a new social service has launched called […]

    11 years ago
  • "Study": Kids that play FPS games are less empathetic

    Supernanny Jo Frost’s new show in the UK, Extreme Parental Guidance, will have its debut episode focusing on children and violent videogames.To help her along, Frost solicited Iowa State University’s Dr. Douglas Gentile to conduct a study with her on 40 boys and the after effects of playing a FPS.

    11 years ago
  • Ron Jeremy says games are a worse influence on kids than porn

    During the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo going on in Vegas alongside of CES, Ron Jeremy stated that since the porn industry only caters to those 18 and older, videogames were a far worse influence.

    11 years ago