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  • Fable II was supposed to look as though it was "done by Ridley Scott"

    Lionhead technical art boss Ian Lovett has told Eurogamer that Fable II’s original “visual mission statement” was that it was to be like Fable, “but done by Ridley Scott”. “The idea behind that is that Microsoft understand Ridley Scott, they understand that this means that we wanted to mature the franchise a little bit. Not […]

  • Molyneux: "I'm not a PR man"

    Peter Molyneux’s said that frankness over Fable II’s flaws has landed him in hot water with Microsoft, but defended himself by saying he’s just being honest. “The point is I’m not a PR man,” he told Videogamer. “I’m just a developer. And when you sit down opposite people, people like yourself, and they look you […]

  • Fable II's gold, says Molyneux

    Peter Molyneux’s told Videogamer that Fable II is gold. This is after he proclaimed the game “finished” at E3, obviously. Is it actually, properly done now? “It is as of 7pm last night,” said Big Pete. “We are now officially gold. It’s released to manufacturing. Fable is absolutely finished and done and dusted. “There’s a […]

  • Six new Fable II pics show character customisation

    Over at Kotaku. As you can see from the images through the link, your Fable II character can take many forms. You can also put on make-up, wear jewellery, hairstyles: the lot. In fact, you could do all this in the first Fable, so we’re not really seeing the wow factor of this particular revelation. […]

  • VG247 interviews Peter Molyneux today - you ask the questions

    Well, some of them, anyway. We’ve got a one-on-one with Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux in London today, and we’re going to hand some of the questions over to you. What do you want to know? Fable II’s out on October 24. It’s been years in the making. It’s one of 360’s biggest hitters for Christmas […]

  • Molyneux: Fable II's a "9 out of 10"

    Hilarious. Peter Molyneux’s given Fable II a 9/10, speaking in the latest issue of UK mag Xbox World 360. “I’d rate it a 9 out of 10,” he said. “It’s the best, most complete game I’ve ever worked on. The look is perfect, the interface is fantastic. It’s a role-playing game, but where are all […]

  • Fable II "hours" from gold, new pre-launch money-grabbing method revealed

    Lionhead Studio’s Sam Van Tilburgh has told Kotaku at PAX that Fable 2 is on the verge of final master. Which is odd, seeing at Big Pete proclaimed the game as “finished” at E3. “We have one or two bugs that are keeping us from going gold,” Van Tilburgh said. In addition, Van Tilburgh said […]

  • Fable 2 Pub Games to be patched

    A post on the Lionhead Blog reports that the unlimited money bug in Fable II Pub Games is set to be patched. “If you are wondering about a ‘much talked about’ exploit, just ignore it (and know that a patch is on the way),” reads the post. So don’t try and make as much money […]

  • Tales of Albion site updated

    The Tales of Albion, a site set up to fill you in on the Fable II back story, has been updated to reveal a new section called ‘Fall of the Heroes’. The story is about a young hero who graduates from Albion’s Heroes Guild and charts his subsequent adventures. Be warned though, it’s not a […]

  • NPD to date for 2008: Wii whitewashes while 360 and PS3 thrash it out

    In the wake of July’s NPD figures, we thought we’d look at just how well the ‘big three’ have fared over the last seven months by tallying all hardware data for 2008. We all know Nintendo is having a fantastic year, but just how well is Wii doing? Microsoft and Sony are fighting their own […]

  • Lionhead explains Fable 2 money transfers from XBLA games

    Speaking to Eurogamer, Lionhead’s explained how you’ll be able to get the money from Fable II’s pre-release XBLA games into the RPG itself. Simply, you play with a character in the XBLA games and when you access your gold from Fable II itself, you kind of fuse your XBLA character and in-game hero. Read it […]

  • Fable II confirmed for October 21 launch

    According to this Microsoft press release, Fable II’s been confirmed for an October 21 launch in the US. Europe will get the RPG on October 24. The rest of the world will see the game in the “coming months.” The three pre-launch XBLA games – Fortune’s Tower, Keystone and Spinnerbox – will be available on […]

  • Molyneux: Three more Fable games planned

    Speaking in the GameTrailers interview after the break, Peter Molyneux confirms that Lionhead has plans for another three Fable games. “We’ve got plans for Fable three, four and five,” he says, adding, “it’s actually a big story arc.” See for yourself. It’s around the 5.10 mark. Thanks X3F.

  • Molyneux "looking at MMOs"

    Speaking to Eurogamer at E3 last week, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux admitted that a future MMO project may be on the cards. “I have been looking at MMOs,” he said. “I love the interaction, and I’m fascinated by the idea of really feeling secure and cool enough to actually do it.” Molyneux was speaking after telling […]

  • Fable II main story 12 hours long

    Joystiq reckons it heard several Lionhead staffers say that the main quest in Fable II will be around 12 hours long. They do stress, however, that that’s just the main story, not the sum total of every side quest and all the other stuff we’re looking forward to doing. Like working out ways to kill […]

  • Loads of new Fable II footage pops up

    IGN again. The game is looking more atmospheric and charming by the minute, we think. The best news of all is it’s coming out in October. You know what to do. By Mike Bowden

  • New in-game Fable 2 screens released

    On Kotaku. The RPG was shown in the Microsoft E3 press conference last night, and was declared as “finished” by Peter Molyneux. Have a look.

  • Fable II is finished, out October, says Molyneux

    Speaking at the ongoing Microsoft E3 press conference Peter Molyneux has just confirmed that Fable II is both complete and will be out in “October this year.” This announcement came at the end of a relatively short presentation where Peter showed us how he could take his friend on Xbox Live over to see his […]

  • Epic things in store for Fable 2 at E3

    Over at the Fable 2 Development Blog, Fable 2 community head “Sam” wasn’t too shy about hyping Lionhead’s latest Greatest RPG Ever. “E3, next week,” he wrote. “A lot is going to be happening. You’ll just have to wait and see what exactly, but if any of you say ‘this wasn’t worth it’ I will […]

  • Stephen Fry joins Fable 2 cast

    According to this UK OXM piece, Stephen Fry has voiced one of the Fable 2 characters. Apparently Fry plays a “legendary hero with a villainous streak,” but there’s no more detail through the link. The info’s from a piece in the mag, which is out today.

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